Halle Berry Just Shared a Topless Yoga Pose, So Don’t Be a Downward Dog

Halle yeah!

Halle Berry Promo
Photo: Getty Images

If you’re wondering how 51-year-old Halle Berry is still every bit as sexy as she was in Swordfish and Die Another Day, it definitely has something to do with her yoga regimen. 


The smoldering actress masterfully executed a handstand pose while wearing only a black bikini bottom in a pic posted to Instagram.

It’s one of the many photos she’s ‘grammed over the course of multiple #FitnessFridays. Berry stretched out her shoulders and spine with a shoulder stand pose in another—this time while rocking a onesie. 


On a different day, she revealed the secret to “keeping the ta ta’s right” is working her chest muscles. That’s advice will keep the man boobs away too, fellas. 


If she feels like posting anymore yoga pics—topless or otherwise—we’ll definitely be here for them.