15 Fiery Photos of Instagram Sensation Hannah Stocking

Get to know the beauty from that new Blink-182 video.

If you've been paying attention, you probably recognize Hannah Stocking as one of the beguiling social media beauties Blink-182 cast for the recreation of their music video "What's My Age Again?"

But before she was running naked through the streets of L.A., she had already rose to the status of Instagram superstar with over 2 million followers.

Her sizzling pics alone would be enough to spark our interest, but she goes the extra mile. Not only has she shown fearlessness by posing on top of a glass Las Vegas balcony, Hannah also is proud to show off her geeky side, dressing up as a near-perfect Harely Quinn. 

Needless to say, there's a lot to love about this Instagram sensation. Here's a sampling of our favorite shots:

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