Celebrate Instababe Abigail Ratchford's Birthday With the Queen of Curves' Hottest Shots Ever

She just keeps setting Instagram on fire.
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One of Instagram's most memorable stunners and a Maxim fave, Abigail Ratchford turns 26 today. 

As she shares this birthday with our nation's 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, there's probably some kind of "Babe-raham Lincoln" joke to be made, but we're not here for hacky jokes, only to praise the amazing Miss Ratchford. 

And does she ever give us plenty to praise. We were all about her recent series of amazing Valentine's Day-themed photo shoot, but Abigail doesn't stop bringing the heat. 

We also dug her take on Kim Kardashian.

Just in the last week she's uploaded a variety of shots that affirm why like to bask in her glow. If you're stuck inside due to wintry weather, it's too bad you can't just take these outside and melt the snow.

Wow. It might be Abigail's birthday, but these pics are gifts to Abigail's fans, who understandably number in the millions. 

Because we know no one will complain, here are a few more shots from Abigail's Insta, some of which might even be repeats. 

Let's hope she's just as happy on her birthday as we are when she posts perfect pics like these.