Happy Birthday, Christy Turlington

The iconic supermodel turns 51 today, so let’s celebrate with her greatest pics.

Christy Turlington Split Promo
Left: Instagram/cturlington

Long before Instagram beauties ruled the Web, we had the “Trinity”—the trio of ‘90s superbabes composed of Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington. While Evangelista and Campbell often nabbed the spotlight with headline-grabbing hijinks, the more mild-mannered Turlington bloomed into perhaps the era’s greatest model who wasn’t named Cindy Crawford.

With her chiseled face, impossibly lithe frame and striking presence, Turlington conquered the fashion world. Sometimes she was the smiling all-American dream. Sometimes she stunned as an otherworldly Venus. No matter her look at the moment, the 5’10″ knockout was– and still is–undeniably beautiful.

Today, we celebrate the 51st birthday of the modeling icon with 25 of our favorite Turlington photos in the slideshow above.