It’s Kat Von D’s Birthday, So Celebrate With the Body-Ink Queen’s Sexiest Shots

The tatted-up hottie is turning 36.

When she dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue a career as a professional tattooer, even Kat Von D couldn’t have predicted the heights she’d reach. 

As one of the most renowned tattoo artists working today, she’s made her mark on an star-studded list of human canvases that includes Dave Grohl, Billy Joe Armstrong and the late great Lemmy Kilmister. 

What’s more, she was an undeniable influence in bringing the body-ink industry into the eyes of the public as the star of LA Ink. But her success isn’t limited to her talent as an tattooer—she also has a built business empire with her brand of cosmetics, and has a beautiful pair of pipes to boot.  

Still, we’ll always love this Maxim model most for her beguiling bad girl looks. Help us celebrate her big day a gallery of some of her hottest photos in the gallery above. 

Keep the party going with her hottest Instagram shots, here: