The Instababe That LeBron James DMed Posted a Video Breaking Down the Whole Sordid Situation

“I am not the kind of person the media has portrayed me to be in these articles.”

Heidi Hoback got more than she bargained for when she snapped a screenshot showing that LeBron James slid into her DMs. 

An image of their exchange spread like wildfire across the internet. Most wondered what the hell the Cavs superstar—who’s married with two children—was doing soliciting hunting lessons from the Virginia-based babe.

In the video below, Hoback explains that the exchange was totally innocent and got blown out of proportion.

“I am not the kind of person the media has portrayed me to be in these articles,” she began before outlining a timeline of what happened. 

“I was going on a hunt at my family’s farm. I checked a message and it just so happened to be from LeBron. Five seconds later, I saw the biggest buck I’ve ever seen in my life.” 

“That caption basically was me talking about the buck that I saw at the farm, the actual 12-14 point buck that was able to get away from me.”

“I guess it’s being misconstrued somehow into saying that I was calling LeBron a buck.”

So her use of the word “buck” wasn’t some sort of weird euphemism. She really did see a trophy animal immediately after LeBron asked for hunting lessons.

“That’s why what I responded to LeBron with was, ‘You’ll never believe what just happened to be after you asked about hunting,'” she said. 

It makes sense. Though we still don’t know what LeBron was doing messaging Hoback or why she redacted their entire convo with skull emojis…

She did end her statement with an open invitation to the NBA megastar. 

“LeBron: if you ever really do want to go hunt, you are more than welcome to bring the whole family out. We can definitely arrange that here in Virginia.”