Watch Heidi Klum's Boobs Get Massaged By The Luckiest Assistant of All Time

This is truly titillating.
Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum may have left the Victoria's Secret runway back in 2009, but the iconic supermodel is still turning heads on social media like a pro.

Just take this eye-popping Snapchat video which seems to show Klum getting some bronzer applied to her glorious cleavage.

Klum's face isn't shown, but you can hear the former Project Runway host giggling in the background, as her Heidi Klum Intimates underwear brand gets a well-earned shout-out in the caption. 

While someone's busy accentuating buffing her boobs with bronzer, we can only assume there are a few assistants tending to her hair and makeup as in the sizzling shot below. 

Hey, it takes a village, right?

Since it's been a minute, let's have another look at more of Heidi's mesmerizing model shots for Intimates. You're welcome.

Yep, she's definitely still got it.

h/t: FHM