Hey, Baby! Gwen Stefani is Single

What you waiting for?

Rejoice! Nineties babe Gwen Stefani has made a sweet escape from wedlock.

TMZ broke the news yesterday that the No Doubt frontwoman has filed for divorce from her husband of 13 years, English rocker Gavin Rossdale. Faster than you can spell b-a-n-a-n-a-s, fans took to Twitter to bemoan the separation of two music deities for “irreconcilable differences.” However, Maxim is wont to find the silver lining.

It’s been a while since Gwen Stefani’s nineties heyday, but the “Hey Baby” singer is still white-hot. She may no longer be trailed by her token Harajuku Girls, but the trademark blonde hair, rock-hard bod, and boisterous personality remain. There’s no doubt Stefani will be steeling herself for impending suitors.

Take a look at some of our favorite shots of the newly single ain’t-no-hollaback girl. Go ahead. What you waiting for?