Hometown Hotties 2007

We scoured big cities, sleepy suburbs, and one-stoplight towns for the most gorgeous women in America. Then we asked our readers to choose the hottest of the hot. Introducing the 10 sexiest girls in the U.S.A., as voted by you. The people have spoken. For even hotter photos of this year’s Hometown Hottie finalists, check out the December issue of Maxim hitting newsstands 11/20!

10. Jody Palmer
Anahuac, Texas

Homespun: “Anahuac is known as the alligator capital of the world. There are farms for alligator hunting, and there’s a competition at Gatorfest every year where people weigh the gators they’ve killed to see whose is the biggest.”

Cancel that back waxing: “I love all things manly. I like it when guys are sweaty after a workout. I like when they fix a car and they’re covered in grease. And I especially like a man who can barbecue and cook a steak. I tried to date a vegan once—it didn’t work out.”

Good cop or bad cop: “I’d be a bad one, definitely. I’d probably take advantage of all the young, cute guys I pulled over and steal their pot.”

Greece-balls: “Men in Athens are so rude. When I lived there, I couldn’t leave my house without guys yelling at me or grabbing my ass. Two men tried to run me over with their motor scooter because I wouldn’t pay attention to them. They’re worse than Italians.”

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9. Gillian LeBrun
Fullerton, California

Homespun: “Fullerton’s in Orange County, but it’s nothing like The O.C. That’s about people who live in Newport Beach whose dads are millionaires, not normal people.”

Employee of the year: “I hated working at Old Navy. I think I’m allergic to their fabric. I’d come home every day uncontrollably itchy. I still shop there, though. Just bought two tops for $15!”

Go ahead, have thirds: “I don’t like big muscles. I don’t like fat guys, but I want men to be soft and squishable.”

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8. Roberta Lang
Bothell, Washington

Homespun: “Not a lot goes on in Bothell. The other night there was a car accident off the freeway. That was kind of a big deal.”

Genuine Corinthian leather: “I own a few tanning salons, and some people really are tanorexic. People come in looking like they’ve lived in a tanning booth for 20 years—but they keep coming back! Of course, they’re my best customers.”

Celebrity death match: “If I had the chance, I’d kick Tyra Banks’ ass. She thinks she’s so special. Her TV show is all about her!”

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7. Jaime Paetz
Saginaw, Michigan

Homespun: “Saginaw is a town of about 100,000 people, and most of it is my family. I have cousins, aunts, and uncles everywhere…We’re like the Griswolds. But very square Griswolds.”

Heaven on Earth: “When I was modeling overseas, my favorite experience was in Hong Kong. I had eight model roommates from different countries, and we all became best friends.”

A very special girl: “‘Super Freak’ is my personal theme song. I do funny dances to it in my undies in front of the mirror.”

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6. Leticia Cline
Cave City, Kentucky

Homespun: “My whole family are spelunkers. Cave City is a really small town, but it has the largest cave in the world. I was actually a guide there for a while. I loved cave exploring.”

An open book: “You can tell a lot about a person from their tattoos. I have six. The one on my arm says, destiny is not a mat­ter of chance, it is a matter of choice. When I shake someone’s hand, it’s the first thing they see. I hope it inspires to make good decisions in life.”

Men at work: “I do backstage interviews for Spike TV’s TNA Wrestling. Those guys really live like rock stars. They travel all over the country, go out every night, and never sleep. They’re always getting into fights at bars because everyone wants to fight a wrestler. Some punks will even pick fights with the girls, but I don’t fight. I try to annoy people until they leave.”

You had to be there: “My favorite joke is: ‘What’s the difference between ooh and aah? About three inches.’ I think I read that in Maxim.”

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5. Sharae Spears
Maynardville, Tennessee

Homespun: “Maynardville is just as hillbilly as it sounds. When I was 15, I worked at the town pizza place. I served beer, and they paid me under the table. Everything about it was illegal.”

Check the pipes: “I just signed a deal to record a country-pop album. My sound is sort of along the lines of Faith Hill. And I love singing ballads. I guess I’m kind of sappy.”

Conversation stopper: “I hate the line, ‘Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see.’ Out-of-towners say it.”

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4. Kenda Rae Perez
Laguna Beach, California

Homespun: “I stayed out of trouble in high school—no drinking or smoking. Then I went to Orange Coast College, which is a huge school known for partying. That helped me bloom.”

Know when to fold ’em: “I was a waitress for a day. I got orders wrong and got yelled at. When I got home I called my boss and said, ‘I won’t be able to make it tomorrow. Or the day after…’”

Moving violations: “I like having sex somewhere you could be caught. I once did it in my car—while it was being towed.”

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3. Juda Jennings
Tutwiler, Mississippi

Homespun: “Tutwiler is the birthplace of the blues. There are some grave sites of famous blues musicians there, marked with harmonicas over their headstones.”

Get stoned: “I have one scar. My cousin threw a rock at me when we were little, and he hit me right between the eyes!”

Hot for teacher: “I have a degree in early-childhood education. My goal is to teach kindergarten. I loved kindergarten so much I refused to go to first grade. I threw a fit so I was sent back.”

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2. Nicki Kretchmer
Cottage Grove, Minnesota

Homespun: “Stifler from American Pie went to my high school, though I never really talked to him. So, this photo shoot will probably make me the second most famous person from Cottage Grove.”

Paid to play: “My worst job was working as a telemarketer for a company that sold seamless gutters. My friends and I tried to make it fun by breaking people up. Whenever I’d get a couple’s answering machine, I’d be like, ‘John, where were you last night? You were supposed to come meet me!’”

Ice, ice, baby: “I went skinny-dipping with a friend in Lake Superior about five years ago. It was in the middle of winter, on a dare. My body went instantly numb—we seriously thought we were dying. But it was a big thrill.”

Your only shot: “The most effective pickup line on me would probably be, ‘Hi, my name is Brad Pitt.’ But you’d have to actually be Brad Pitt.”

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1. Erin McKinnon
Daytona Beach, Florida

Homespun: “Spring break isn’t as big here as it used to be. I used to see a lot of booty-shaking, wet T-shirt contests, and girl-on-girl craziness, but it’s really calmed down in the past couple of years. The mayor wanted to make the city a more family-oriented place.”

Wet and wild: “If there weren’t a water bill, I’d take four baths a day. I’m kind of obsessed. Any chance I get—especially if I’m home alone—I’ll blare Rob Zombie, light candles, and chill in a bubble bath. My boyfriend found me like that one day and said, ‘This can’t be relaxing.’”

Eat it, bridezillas: “I used to be a dance major, but I got burned out. Now I’m studying marketing, and eventually I’d like to be an event planner for big parties, like Fashion Week or VMA after-parties. But never weddings. I don’t think I could deal with all the crazy brides.”

Strokes of genius: “I like to boost a man’s ego by playing the damsel in distress. I’ll tell him I can’t open a jar or ask him to hammer a nail into the wall, even though I can do it. It’s to make him feel helpful.”

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