Hot 10: Alyson Stoner

The dance flick diva knows how to “work it” – and then some.

Alyson Stoner is all grown up. The gorgeous 21-year old starlet, easily recognizable from her backup dancing days with hip-hop sensation Missy Elliott, has embraced being a triple threat to the fullest extent. After gaining plenty of entertainment industry experience, including prominent roles in Step Up and Cheaper by the Dozen, she shifted gears and set her sights on music. Once she began writing for other artists, she concluded that their was another voice out there to share – her own. “You want to be an expert in the field,” she says, “and it starts becoming a really difficult algorithm when to prioritize which.” Now, Alyson is letting her work speak for herself. She’s “stepped” it up, and she’s stepping out as a powerhouse to keep your eye on. The girl certainly knows how to work it.

Alyson spoke with Maxim about hanging out in the nude, proper grammar, and some not-so-typical nominees for the Hot 100.

If I had a change in career,  I would want to dissect human brains in a laboratory. Studying neurons at a cellular level, behavioral neuroscience…these are the things I was majoring in at college. They’re so cool . 

I like the word ‘bullshit’ because I like to call people out on theirs. [Laughs]

I feel sexiest when I’m not wearing anything. I’m a bit of a free bird. I walk around naked whether people are in my house or not. Is that bad? If you can’t be comfortable in your own skin, where can you be comfortable?

I could listen to India.Arie’sTestimony: Vol.2, Love & Politics albumover and over again. The song is called “Get it Together,” and I play it on repeat. I have for years. It’s the message and her soulful voice and it’s nostalgic for when I first heard during a special moment of my life.

If you give me a chocolate shake, you can get me to do anything. I’d tell you where it is, but it’s a secret. I don’t want anyone else taking my chocolate shake.

A guy can use six syllable words properly in a sentence if he wants to get my attention. Also, know the difference between “you’re” and “your .”

I love what I do, so writing music, reading, or something pertaining to learning and growth are things that  keep me busy when I have free time.

A guy shouldn’t be more groomed than I am. I have no problem with proper self care, but not to the point of narcissism and indulgence.

I’d like to see Tina Fey or Amy Poehler on the Maxim  Hot 100. They’d be such good choices! The funny ones and the business moguls…the sassy ones! 

As for what’s next, my new music video ‘Pretty Girls’ is coming out which I’m very excited about. I’m continuing to work on my music, I’m shooting a musical this spring, and I’m still doing some acting and television work throughout the year. Besides that, I’m just mapping out my plans for world domination. Whatever the world needs, ya know?