Hot 10: Amanda Crew

Here’s the girl you want to take home to Mom.

Amanda Crew knows how to kick it with the guys. You may recognize the British Columbia native (and recent Golden Maple Award winner) from her early roles in Final Destination 3, Sex Drive, and Charlie St. Cloud. It’s been these past couple years that Amanda has made her claim to fame, and she doesn’t seem to be leaving the spotlight anytime soon. As of late, she’s been turning heads in the tech world as Monica, the standout female character on HBO’s hit series, Silicon Valley.

When this beautiful brunette isn’t in front of a camera lens, she puts herself behind it. Though it’s hard to balance with acting, Amanda has recently used The 100 Day Project as a driving force behind her path to find the absolute perfect picture.

Amanda gave Maxim  the lowdown on man buns, her favorite camera, and what it takes to get her attention.

As an actress, my ultimate goal is world domination… kidding! Honestly, just to have an effect on people. Make them think, feel, be inspired and connected.

My favorite curse word probably is ‘fuck’. When I was 16, I overused that word.  I think people never expected that word to come out of my mouth so I abused that for shock value. Still do.

I feel my sexiest in jeans and a tee. 

This is going to sound weird, but I have this freckle above my lip, dead center.  I just love it.

I love Mrs. Doubtfire, it’s my favorite film. There’s no other movie I’ve seen more.

If a man wants to get my attention, just crack a joke. Hopefully self deprecating.

With any free time, you’ll probably find me reading or meeting up with a friend.  Aaaaand binge watching terrible reality TV (aka Real Housewives of any zip code).

A guy can groom himself however he wants, as long as he is hygienic. My favorite is a bit of scruff.  Man buns are cool, but no more than one bun. No double buns, please.

My most prized possession is my Nikon F3 35mm film camera.  I’d take a bullet for it.

As for what’s next, at this very second, I’m flying to Arizona for a bachelorette party.  In general, season 3 of Silicon Valley!

Photos by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images