The Hot 10: Amy Gumenick

Say hello to network televisions next villainess.

Amy Gumenick is a name to remember – and learn how to pronounce. The Swedish-born starlet’s story might not be unique (she headed to Los Angeles after college for sun and pilot season), but her work has proved surprisingly memorable. She’s stolen scenes on popular shows like Supernatural and How I Met Your Mother, playing the love interest before donning a red wig and strapping on a crossbow for her role, Cupid, on the more-popular-than-you-think-it-is CW series Arrow. She’s becoming a comic book character and it suits her.

Amy told Maxim all about the luxury of a little downtime, swimming in spaghetti, and what’s next.

Growing up, there were a million things I wanted to be. I kind of woke up one day and realized if I’m an actor, I can be all those things. There’s a lot of answers, but if I had to pick one thing to do instead of acting, it would be teaching. I work with kids and they’re constantly inspiring me and forcing me to grow as an individual.

My favorite curse word is shit because there’s so many meanings. You can use the word like ‘that’s the shit’ when something’s great or sometimes it’s ‘just shitty’ and that says it all.

My biggest girl crush is for Rachel McAdams. Something about her I think is so adorable and just so charming.

I like a guy with a little scruff, and who is confident, not cocky. A guy should be put together and not trying to prove anything.

I don’t like the normal stuff. I loved the movie Patch Adams and that was one of the turning points in my career deciding what I wanted to do. There’s a scene where they swim in a giant pool of spaghetti and for my ideal date, I would love to do that. Kind of out of the box, right?

I feel most sexy wearing a deep red lipstick.

As an actor, sometimes you have a lot of free afternoons and sometimes you have none. If I had a free afternoon, I would go exploring in nature and get lost somewhere with no cell phone service or computer connection. I would just totally disconnect.

If a guy wanted to get my attention, he should come to the first date naked. That would definitely get my attention. If he had to wear clothes, I’d say a great pair of fitted jeans and a T-shirt.

My favorite spot to hang out are the monkey bars. To hang out.. [laughs]

As for what’s next, I’m recurring on two shows, Turn on AMC and Arrow on CW. Working on Arrow kind of opened up a lot of doors and exciting relationships for me. I’d love to be on an intelligent, fun, well-written TV show do films during the hiatus.