Hot 10: Amy Paffrath

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the hottest host on primetime TV.

Amy Paffrath is a dreamer. The St. Louis native immersed herself in the entertainment world early on, finding any excuse to be in the presence of a camera. Amy found herself Hollywood-bound after a successful news anchoring internship, and her passion soon blossomed into a full-time profession. Though she has a few bit roles under her belt, we find we enjoy Amy best when she has a mic in her hand. The beautiful blonde has become a red carpet regular as a celebrity interviewer, and has taken charge on E! News, G4, and Fuel TV. Now, you can catch her as host ofVH1’s Dating Naked, a reality series where people are stripped of their inhibitions (and their clothes) as they go on the quest for true love.

Amy talked with Maxim about booty blasting, kissing a clean face, and crazy sex dreams about Rihanna.

1. I feel disloyal to my fellow short girls for saying this, but I love having a taller stature and more of a saunter when I walk in heels. I know they are terrible for my knees and back. Fuck it. 

My go-to drink depends on the time and the place. Beer or champagne if it’s a daytime function and I don’t want to get too tipsy.  Though l love a good bloody Mary! After dark, look out. I’ve been know to go for a dirty martini, 3 olives please, or tequila on the rocks with a salted rim.  I’m more of a salty girl than a sweet gal. I don’t like anything that’s pink, fruity or has an umbrella. Wait, that’s not true.. that’s a line I said on Sullivan & Son

3. I love my booty. It’s always been firm and strong and represented me well. Having strong legs makes me feel powerful and sturdy. Firmly planted in the ground. Any excuse for a booty blast is good in my book. I’m all A and a little T.

4. I appreciate humor, kindness and a guy who takes charge. I’m very detail oriented so when a guy takes the lead and I don’t have to, that’s sexy. I am very outgoing so someone who can hang and talk and not make it sexual is someone who catches my eye. I grew up with 3 brothers so I’m used to rolling with the boys. I don’t stroke egos.

5. I always have sex dreams about Rihanna. She’s my ultimate girl crush, so gorgeous and a badass.  She doesn’t give care what people think. That confidence combined with her caramel skin and they way she moves, just sexy.  I also love me some Eva Mendes, she is so beautiful. I like exotic women.  They are the opposite of what I look like. Chrissy Teigen is insanely hot and hilarious too. That’s a deadly combination.

6. An ideal date is one where from start to finish I’m never asked “What do you want to do?” Indecision is a libido killer. When it comes time for a date, I don’t want to make decisions. Ideally, it would be something active and adventurous like the shooting range or go cart riding followed by a nice dinner, and drinks. I like to try new places. I don’t like stuffy too fancy places.  $40 calamari stresses me out.  I like the more chill, low key spots. 

7. I’m a sucker for salty food so a giant plate of truffle fries is my kryptonite.  If it were my last meal on Earth, I’d want a nice cut of grass fed steak still bleeding, rosemary seasoned potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and a nice Malbec. I try to limit red meat, but I can’t deny my desire to eat it.

8. A man should be groomed, period. I’m not picky with style, that’s got to be his own choice, but you have to clean it up. I love a very close clean shave though. Baby faces have always been my jam. If you’re going to have a beard, have it grown out. Stubble looks okay, but it’s not worth the discomfort of kissing. I hate that. 

I like stylish men. Think Brandon Flowers, he’s bold, wears sequins. I mean he’s a rock star.  But a guy that can make a statement without going overboard is cool. Buy a blazer in a color other than black.  Find basics with cool details and make sure its all fitted. Tailoring is everything.

10. As for what’s next, I’ve got two movies coming out soon, a romantic comedy Do Over, and a thriller called Freshwater. I’m writing a project with some funny sexy ladies as well and keeping up with my fashion blog, and my podcast, ‘Tell Me Something Good.’  I’m auditioning for some amazing projects and developing my own ideas. It’s exhilarating and terrifying to not know what’s around the corner.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Photos by Irvin Rivera