The Hot 10: Arden Cho

As a mid-series addition, this MTV starlet learned how to stand out in the pack.

Arden Cho has a lot on her plate. After the Texas native made the move to LA after college, she struck out at audition after audition until landing a career-changing role as Kira Yukimuraon MTV’s Teen Wolf. Arden has transformed herself into a series regular, which means a lot when a successful show is going into its fifth season. When the 29-year old isn’t evading teenage werewolves, she’s making new albums in the music studio and performing live across the country. Arden doesn’t have much time for breaks, and she likes it that way.

Arden told MAXIM all about her dream job, how a guy should dress, and her obsession with all things steak.

I’ve always wanted to be a detective or a member of the CIA. You know, something really badass. I figure I was supposed to be here, and to act. I could always go and do that on TV.

I feel sexiest when I’m in my PJs, or when I’m in my robe fresh out of the shower. It’s best when I’m lounging around.

I could drink beer, wine, or scotch, depending on the day. I like Blue Moon a lot, and I’ve really been into Japanese whiskey lately.

If you want my attention, just be confident and intelligent. I like a little mix of sexy and cool, I guess.

When I go out on dates, I don’t need them to be extra fancy. I’m a skinny jeans and sneakers kind-of girl, so maybe movies and dinner or bowling is good. Let’s just hang out.

You can’t go wrong with a big fat juicy steak. I love cooking them at home, I can eat them every day. I think it’s because I’m from the South and I grew up on them.. but now this is making me hungry [laughs].

A little bit of scruff can be sexy. Just make sure you’re put together and your toes and hands are manicured. If those things are looking gross, it’s a turn off if you’re going to touch me.

I’m really into guys that are good with colors and layering. You should be confident with what you wear, but it’s nice if you’re decently fashionable. I think that’s super cute.

My girlfriends and I are pretty low key. I like small dive bars and places that have a nice atmosphere. I don’t want to name them because there aren’t many chill spots in LA and then everyone would know!

I’m definitely looking forward to filming season 5 of Teen Wolf. Aside from finishing up an album, I’ve recently been putting in a lot of time with a watch line, Leonard & Church, so I’d love to expand with jewelry and leather goods. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

Photos by Melly Lee