The Hot 10: Ashley Rickards

There’s nothing “awkward” about Hollywood’s next big starlet.

Ashley Rickards is no stranger to the spotlight. Her talent and intellect allowed her to hit the LA scene at age 15 (after an early graduation) in pursuit of a full-time career. Now, the 22-year-old actress, best known for prominent roles on MTV’s Awkward and One Tree Hill, is ready to take the next step. With some directing under her belt, and a new book on its way, Ashley is looking to diversify.

Ashley filled Maxim in on the importance of a little romance, being who you are, and her ongoing obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio.

I can’t imagine myself in any other industry. This town and it’s energy is addictive and I’m defiantly hooked. With that, I’d have to say I would be working behind the camera or writing. I loved directing last season and it’s absolutely something I will continue. 

My favorite curse word is ‘PowerBitch.’ I kind of coined it, at least with my own spelling and definition that is. My definition: Any woman who is both tactfully sexy, ever daring, always charming, never untrue and most definitely gets what she wants in life because she works fucking hard and kicks ass along the way.

I expect a guy to be themselves, whether as a badass with tattoos or an intellectual with a man bun, or you can be yourself but a more polished and sophisticated version. But, personally, I just want all guys to have facial hair.

I feel most sexyin lingerie and my favorite diamonds, but who doesn’t? It makes me feel so old Hollywood glamorous. Until I burn my arm with the friggin’ curling iron. 

Gentlemen are not born, they are made. I’m not old fashioned but I won’t date a boy, I date men. A real man will go out of his way to hold the door for you, a boy will not.

The last person to see me nakedwas my dog. She wakes me up every morning.. so co-dependent.

A man can get my attention with romance. It’s simple “What would Leo do?” And do THAT. Even surprise me with six dozen roses in my trailer on set, old school courting makes me melt. Unless you surprise me with a break-in to my trailer and you’re a stranger. That just makes me scream and mace.

My favorite spot to hang out is either Soho House, the Bazaar, the beach, or my house.

My most prized possessionis my computer. All my work and childhood photos are on there. In the event of a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion, I’m going to grab my dog, my cat, my computer, and a Kombucha. Oh shit, and my earthquake survival kit.

My book “The Real Guide To Getting It Together Once And For All (Really)” comes out in March, my latest film The Outskirts will open in ’15, I start filming (and directing) Awkward in January and my final laser hair treatment is Mid-February. 

Photos by Rex USA / Stewart Cook