Hot 10: Briana Evigan

She’s stepped it up, and now she’s ready to step out.

She may be labeled a “scream queen,” but Briana Evigan wouldn’t jump to horror as her go-to genre. The gorgeous LA native, a professional dancer at heart, took her breakout role in “Step Up 2: The Streets” as a way to find herself. “I was doing commercial work and was fully a hip hop dancer, but I wasn’t looking to combine the two worlds,” she says. “Once I got into acting, I just fell in love.”

While scary flicks like “Sorority Row“, “Mother’s Day“, and “Mine Games” have filled up Briana’s resume, there’s still plenty more she’s capable of doing. Though she loves the dark, psychological thrillers, the starlet is looking for roles that she can make her own. Next up, you’ll catch Briana on the second season of “From Dusk Till Dawn“. From what we can tell, she’s going to dominate, and we can’t wait.

Briana told Maxim a little bit about her boot obsession, the biggest turn off ever, and why she’s over the “man bun” trend.

If I wasn’t acting, I would either be working with animals or something with food where’d I be able to travel all around the world to taste food. If you couldn’t tell, I love food. [laughs]

I find the word “cunt” so funny because Americans can’t use it and Australians and British people can, and I don’t know why! When it comes out of someone’s mouth it’s always so shocking.

My go-to drink is red wine. I do like liquor and beer, but you can definitely find me with a glass of red.

I’ve always been a big boot fan. I’m kind of a boot freak, my closet is full of shoes. The older I get, now when I put high heels on, I feel real sexy.

A guy has to be funny. It’s one of the first things I notice. I hate when guys try too hard, it’s the biggest turn off ever. Just be yourself, and being a dork and embarrassing yourself in front of me is a big turn on.

I’ve never been one of those people to have a girl crush, but I do love the Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio, she’s always looking awesome. When I was younger, I always thought she was so pretty without doing anything…

I like tapas, so I can taste a little bit of everything that way. Mercado, the Mexican fusion place is one of my favorite spots.

Don’t have a huge beard, but definitely scruff or a beard is the way to go. My brother has been rocking a man bun for a while, so that trend hasn’t really been grabbing my attention anymore.

I’m much more of a “hanging out a people’s houses” type girl. I love having dinner and drinks with my friends and just hanging out with my close girls.

As for what’s next, right now I’m filming season two of “From Dusk Till Dawn.” I’m really excited, I just finished watching the first season and I’m pretty pumped. I would love to do more TV, but I would also like to do a Western and I’ve always wanted to do a big action movie. There might not be much more with dance, but possibly, depending on the situation that arises.