Hot 10: Cara Santana

Something gorgeous this way comes.

Every choice Cara Santana made has been geared towards her love of acting. When the brunette bombshell started to step outside of herself and into someone else’s world, she knew the direction life would take her in. Now, it seems like things are just getting started. After a few bit roles, Cara has made her way to Salem for a recurring role on the hit WGN series. If that’s not enough, she’s also got TheGlamApp – what she calls Uber for hair, make-up, and nails – as well as her blog, CaraDisclothed. If you don’t know who Cara Santana was before, you will now.

If I wasn’t acting I would be a civil rights attorney. I know that’s a total leap, but I love politics and I am obsessed with social issues. My mother is an attorney and my father worked for the government as well, so the idea of service is very much ingrained in me. Plus, I love to argue.

The word fuck, I mean, come on! It’s universal, versatile, and impactful – it feels so good to say it. Sorry, Dad! (He hates curse words.)

I feel most sexy in a matching bra and panty set. It’s like having a secret. When I’m walking around in a perfectly pieced pair, I feel sexier and more in tune with me. And then obviously when the clothes come off, it looks good too. It’s empowering to feel sexy.

I’m obsessed with “Take Me to Church” by Hozier. It’s on repeat, I love it. You can work out to it, make love to it, or blast it in the car. It fills every need.

A man has to be intelligent. I love a smart man. That’s what attracted me to my boyfriend. He has a mind that keeps you on your toes. If a man can engage me in a conversation about something substantial, he’ll have my undivided attention.

Listen, of course you have women you admire! I love a self thinking, independent, creative, unapologetic woman. Jenna Lyons comes to mind. Marion Cotillard is another – swoon – she is so magnetic. Yeah, my female threesome would be Jenna Lyons and Marion Cotillard.

With a free afternoon, I’d sleep and have sex. And then sleep again. And maybe have a black and white cookie, in bed, after sleeping and sex while watching Dateline.

Are cupcakes a food? I will never pass up a vanilla on vanilla cupcake. I can never have too many. They’re youthful, fun and sweet! I die for Magnolia’s.

I like my man to have hair. No shaved or waxed chests for me, thank you. I want to see a man’s body. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t want an unruly situation, so I’m not opposed to a trim. But I love to see my man looking like a man, not a boy.

To get my attention, be in a tailored suit; it’s sophisticated, classic, refined and nothing is sexier.

Photos by Marc Cartwright