The Hot 10: Carlson Young

Maybe you recognize her. Maybe you don’t. You will.

Carlson Young has been in Hollywood for a little while, but now she’s really in it—if you know what we mean. When not studying creative writing at USC, Young has made a big impression with small roles on the small screen in True Blood, Pretty Little Liars,and Key and Peele. Next up, she’ll be a regular—unless she pisses off the writers—on MTV’s Scream series, which will premiere next year. Maxim caught up with Carlson during her downtime between writing midterm papers and running from psycho killers.

A man can get my intimate attentions simply by mentioning Battlestar Galactica.

As an actress, my ultimate goal is to create a universal experience in my acting. I was enthralled by movies that disengaged me from my own immediate reality. I still love movies and TV for that reason; the way a good movie or TV show can make you laugh or cry, regardless of whether you relate to a character or not.

My ideal date would be going to the Magic Castle (in L.A.), drinking, eating cheesy garlic bread, and watching magic all night.

My favorite curse word isassgoblin. I literally just googled “list of curse words,” and that one stood out to me. I’m going to go with that because that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard, and it makes me laugh.

My girl crush is Khaleesi, of course.

A man should look effortless and classic. It’s such a turnoff if a man is too well groomed or trendy.

The last person to see me naked was my cat, Francis. I’m going to go ahead and loop him into the human category because he acts like one.

My favorite spot to hang out is my apartment with my friends.

To get my attention, a man should wear jeans and a button-down or a T-shirt. If he has a good personality, then I can let it slide.

As for what’s next, working and finishing school eventually!

Photos by Ryder Sloane