The Hot 10: Cassie Steele

This cute Canadian starlet has found her rightful place in the States.

Cassie Steele is over the gossip and drama (of high school, that is). After portraying the rambunctious, boyfriend-stealing Manny Santos for 10 seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation, the Toronto native is ready to shift gears. Since graduating from Degrassi High, Cassie searched for stardom as Abby on the short-lived LA Complex and went back to college in MTV’s horror/thriller The Dorm. When she’s not spending her time on a movie set, the 25-year old can be found in the recording studio. With a single and an EP released within the last year, there’s plenty of promise from this aspiring starlet. The triple threat caught up with MAXIM to talk about looking like Kanye, her new EP, and the art of a good laugh.

I’m Canadian so I say ‘eh’ a lot and now that I’ve flown down to California, I’ve started to say ‘like’ like a lot. See, there I go. I tried to replace it by saying ‘fucking’ like ‘fucking, fucking’ you know? Just so it gives it a little personality.

I really like to write, and short stories are my thing. I’d love to write a novel. It keeps me busy at night. So I’d probably like to pursue that or try and get better at writing.

If you haven’t checked it out by now, you should check it out The Dorm. It’s my latest film, and it is this really cool, creepy, psychological thriller I did with MTV. 

Penelope Cruz looks amazing right now. She’s definitely my girl crush, she’s so gorgeous. She just oozes sexuality.

I wish I had some free time, but laundry is a never-ending thing. Like I really have to do my laundry and it’s just never done. I need to do it, even like right now, probably after this interview.

A man can get my attention if he’s funny. I really don’t like cocky guys.  I don’t like people who can’t just laugh at themselves. 

I’m not a big fan of a heavy meal. If I’m going to dinner, I like somewhere that’s fun, like a bar scene. You don’t have to feel so uncomfortable because it’s social. I don’t really go on many dates.  A no pressure situation is key.

Kanye West has the best style. I don’t know, there’s just something about it. If I were a guy I would emulate that, hands down.

I like a nice beard, but in terms of anywhere else, I don’t think you need to necessarily go as far as waxing. Just don’t give yourself a thousand razor bumps. It’s so much easier for guys, keep it neat and keep it tidy. 

You aren’t going to be happy until you’ve reached your personal goals. I just really want to get to a place where my creativity will inspire somebody else or would be very different and still relatable; just something new, that no ones done.