Hot 10: Chanel West Coast

The vivacious Ridiculousness commentator is ready to drop verse after verse.

Chanel West Coast is making a name for herself. The Los Angeles native rose to fame after an introduction on Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory back in 2008. After shifting from Rob’s receptionist to main player on MTV’s Ridiculousnessthe added exposure from on-screen airtime helped her to break out and take on what she loves best — music.

Chanel began collaborating with popular artists in 2009 and soon found a home with Lil’ Wayne’s label, Young Money Entertainment, a group known for spitting out some of the greatest rappers of our time. With her mixtape met with generally positive reviews, and a debut album set for release later on this year, all eyes are on this bombshell blonde to see just what she’ll blow us away with next.

Chanel told Maxim all about when she feels her sexiest, all things music, and why she wants to chill with Cara Delevingne. 

1)So what would you be doing if you weren’t acting/making music?

I guess real estate or interior decorating. I’ve always been very interested in houses and interior design but music/acting has always been my dream since I was little.

2) Do you have a favorite curse word?

Definitely ‘fuck.’ I say it a lot.

3) What do you feel most sexy wearing?

I feel my sexiest when I’m wearing my least sexy clothes! Baggy tees, sweats, that type of stuff. They do it for me. 

4) Do you have a go-to drink? What’s your liquor of choice?

I drink a lot of sparkling water, but if if we’re talking alcoholic drinks, just add some vodka to that with lemon. [laughs]

5) What do you love most about a man?

His sense of humor. He has to be funny or I won’t be interested at all.

6) What’s an ideal date like for you?

I want to do something fun like laser tag or go-cart racing. I’m a big kid at heart so I like going on fun dates!

7) What about a man attracts you the most?

His sense of humor and his eyes. He HAS to be funny and if he has a nice set of eyes to stare into, that usually get my attention.

8) When you have some downtime, what are you usually doing?

I spend most of my free time making music but other than that I love hiking, the beach, and the outdoors. I also love painting, arts & crafts, and going to the spa too. 

9) Any girl crushes right now?

Cara Delevingne, for sure. I love her style & basically everything about her. We would definitely be homies if we met. 

10) And what’s next for you?

So much! My album is dropping in August, another season of Ridiculousness, my own TV show is in the works, and I’m working on developing my own fashion line.