The Hot 10: Chelsea Kane

This blonde beauty can do just about anything – and then some.

Chelsea Kane’s Disney Channel days are over The 26-year old Phoenix native, recognizable for a handful of animated series, several TV movies and her third-place finish on Season 12 of Dancing With the Stars, made her bones on the final season of CW’s One Tree HillNow she’s starring in ABC Family’s Baby Daddy. It’s the logical next step and maybe the last step before fame hits and you start seeing her on billboards rather than buses.

Chelsea talked to Maxim about her sodium addiction, proper manscaping, and a lady’s backside.

My Dad said that profanity is a part of the English language and when used properly, it can be very effective. However, if used too often, it can diminish a person. Long story short: I love throwin’ a ‘fuck’ in there every now and then.

I feel the sexiest in my robe right after a shower.

I’ve always been attracted to the class clown, which can be a dangerous combination of funny guy meets bad boy. If he can make me laugh or tell a good story, I swoon.

A man can get my attentionwithhis hands. I love a man’s hands and how he uses them.

An ideal date for meispulling the mattress into my living room. Ramen noodles. Fire in the fireplace and watching Cops.  

I have my haunts around LA. There’s a great little restaurant down the street from my place and a couple of dive bars I like to pass the time in. I just bought my first house, so I’ve become a bit of a homebody in recent months. My backyard has slowly accumulated a couch, fire-pit, dining table and some twinkle lights…. Next up, I’m thinking hot tub. So, that will be my new happy place.

My favorite food is ramen or chicken noodle soup. I think I might have some sort of sodium addiction.

My favorite parts of my body are my butt and my Buddha belly.

I like a hairy guy…. If it’s shaved off, plucked out or intricately trimmed, I’m not as turned on.

A man should wear anything he’s comfortable in. As long as he doesn’t post pictures of lions with inspiration quotes on his Instagram and talk about “cheat-days” over dinner, I’m cool.

Photos by Mario Barberio