The Hot 10: Chelsea Korka

This sexy Miami native is soaking up the spotlight.

Chelsea Korka is in the family business – more or less. Her whole family is in the arts, but she’s the first pop star. And she’s about to become the first mature pop star. She’s ditching out on work in front of the camera and is ready to bring real emotion to her debut album, Being Human. The sultry singer has a lot to show the world, and she’s just getting started.

It’s a terrible thought to think about not singing. If you ask anyone, I’ve been singing since I can remember. I love DJing and producing and there’s so many things I can inquire in that would give me satisfaction but there’s nothing like performing. I compare performing to sex.

I feel most sexy wearing jean shorts. Give me jean shorts and I’ll be set. Or a dress. I have a duffel bag with me at all times and throughout my mood I’ll change every day.

My favorite curse word is fuck. I hope it’s not unclassy to say! Honestly, I can’t pick just one. I curse throughout the whole day, it just depends on the situation. If I’m angry, it’s ‘you asshole’ and if I’m happy it’s ‘holy shit I’m fucking happy.’ You should see me on Christmas morning!

My favorite part of my body is my right eyeball. It has a pie slice missing out of the color part of the pigmentation so sometimes it’s a blue white and sometimes it contrasts with the rest of my eye, which is hazel. It’s my flair and my twinkle and I like it a lot. It’s definitely one of a kind.

An ideal date for me must be spontaneous and memorable. If a guy is going to take me to the opera and he’s in a suit, I’m going to be in the most beautiful dress. If he tells me we’re going out and we’re having fun, I could be in a messy bun. Movies and dinner are nice, but I need more!

A guy can get my attention by giving me his full attention, straight on. I don’t like guys that do the same shit within the first three minutes, I’ll be totally turned off. Don’t be talking and dancing with other girls. Simple as that. Oh, and make me laugh!

If I had a free afternoon, you would probably find me at the movies. Those are rare!

The way girls are making other girls look makes me mad. I get asked why I don’t post more lingerie photos on Instagram, and it’s because there’s so many more things I’m doing. Your body is for your three Bs (beach, bedroom, and beloved). Three is my lucky number so I like to tag things in threes. I don’t need to put myself out there all the time, that’s for my man.

My most prized possessions are a custom piano that was a gift to me and this little metal lunch box that holds all of these photos I have taken since I was around 11 of my family, friends, and adventures.

I’ll never stop at making all my dreams and everything I create in mind a reality. Right now though, I’m probably going to get some food.

Photos by Troy Jensen