Hot 10: Chelsey Crisp

Fresh Off the Boat’s favorite blonde wants to make the world laugh. 

Chelsey Crisp was destined for greatness. Following her graduation from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the Phoenix native took her comedic talents overseas to Oxford, where she expanded her theatrics at the British American Drama Academy. This beautiful blonde started things off slow, showing off what she’s got on programs like New GirlMike & Molly, and The Office.

With a couple bit roles under her belt, Chelsey is ready to show she’s not just your average side-chick. You’ll now be able to spot her every Tuesday night as ‘Honey,’ the Huangs’ next door neighbor, on season 2 of ABC’s racially-charged comedy, Fresh Off the Boat. When she’s not spending her time in front of the camera, you’ll likely spot her putting those improv skills to good use as the Artistic Director of all-female Los Angeles comedy troupe, Duchess Riot

Chelsey talked with Maxim about appreciating the nice guys, her love for Sandra Bullock, and what’s next. 

Photo: ABC

1) If you weren’t acting and you could do anything else in the world, what would you do?

If my hobbies are any indication, I’d probably be a therapist or a chef. I could see being a therapist for the same reason that I’m an actor – I love studying human behavior. I tend to be the go-to person for my friends and family when they have a problem, which is something I cherish. The only thing I love more than that is feeding people. What’s better than cooking a big meal for the ones you love?

2) What’s your favorite curse word to use?

Asshat. I love a curse word that makes you laugh as soon as you hear it. Try staying mad when you’re screaming “Why the hell did you do that, you ASSHAT?!” 

3) When do you feel your sexiest?

Hands down, when I’m in jeans & a t-shirt! I get dolled up at work, so when I’m on my own time, the makeup and heels come off and the jeans come on. 

4) What would you say is your favorite part of your body?

My lashes. Weird answer, right? I have the Crisp family lashes, which are long and dark and typically wasted on my male cousins.

5) Is there a movie that you find yourself watching over and over again?

Waiting For Guffman, for sure. It would be an absolute career high to meet, work with and learn from Christopher Guest. I think his movies are genius, because of the way the comedy is layered; the tone accommodates everything from small, subtle character moments to huge slapstick plot twists. You see something new in his films every time you revisit one. 

6) How can a guy go about grabbing your attention?

I like nice guys. Moody and mysterious don’t do it for me, no matter how handsome a guy is. I like a great smile, a smart sense of humor, and a kind heart. People love to call BS when a woman says that kind of thing, but my boyfriend bears it out; he’s the nicest person I’ve ever known.

7) Are you crushing on any ladies right now?

I’m kind of in awe of Sandra Bullock. She exudes warmth, intelligence and silliness, which are my favorite qualities in people.  She seems like the kind of person it would be fun to have a beer with. 

8) What would you do on an ideal date?

I’m going to say the old classic – dinner and a movie. Dinner because I waited tables for years and you can learn a lot from someone by how they treat the restaurant staff.  Movie, because I love to catching a comedy flick and laughing together. What someone laughs at is pretty telling.

9) Where is your go-to spot when you have a little downtime?

There’s a pizza place in North Hollywood called Little Toni’s that’s chock-full of memories for me. Even if I had zero emotional attachment to it, it would still be one of my favorites because the pizza is amazing. 

10) What else is coming up for you? 

My next few projects are so exciting for me, because the roles are vastly different. My character “Honey” gets more action in Season 2 of Fresh Off the Boat, which premieres on ABC September 22nd. After that, I’ve got something fun on The League on FXX. Early next year, I play a young mother-to-be who ends up fighting for her life in a horror film called Bleed. Then, I have a romantic comedy coming out called Jesse & Naomi where I play a recently-divorced athiest who finds love & faith in the least expected place. During all of that, I’ll be doing improv shows in LA with my girls in Duchess Riot. It’s a pretty exciting time.

Photos by Rick Craft