Hot 10: Dana Alexa

This Brooklyn-born dancer is way more than just hips and lips.

For Dana Alexa, a career in dance was inevitable. After becoming engrossed with classes and training at a very early age, the Brooklyn native decided to dedicate her life to the craft. “I’ve been dancing and training professionally for about 6 years now, with about 8-10 hours a day to dance,” she told Maxim. “I take classes, teach classes, assist Matt [Steffanina], have a bunch of my own odd dance jobs, teach private lessons, audition…it never ends.”

In an industry where the label of ‘professional’ can be defined in many ways, Dana prefers to tackle a little of everything. Starting out as a NBA Knicks City Dancer, the bombshell brunette has gone on to teach her own classes, choreograph, and work with some of the best recording artists in the biz (including Tyga, Kat DeLuna, and Wiz Khalifa). While some may consider dancing to be a hobby, for Dana, this is her life. “Dancing on stage in Paris on my first world tour solidified my desire to dance for a living,” she explained. “It was the first time I was paid to travel and dance at the same time and those are two of my biggest passions. It was a dream come true.”

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And her dream is just beginning. After meeting her now fiancée, Matt Steffanina, on a music video set, the two have partnered up to become a growing viral sensation across YouTube. With great music, dynamic choreography and killer concepts, their videos have gone on to garner millions of views (and counting), with Will.I.Am, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber taking note of their work. As if a life of dancing wasn’t enough, Dana’s rising fame has given her and Matt the chance to compete on the latest ‘social media’ season of The Amazing Race, where their abilities might actually come in handy.

“Being a dancer, I have a great memory for sequence which could come in handy for me on any memory challenges,” she said of the competition. “I’m in pretty good physical shape from dancing all day, every day, so it’s not quite as taxing to run around the world with a heavy pack strapped to your back.”

Watch Dana kill the competition on The Amazing Race, Fridays at 8/7c on CBS or in the studio right here with her very own YouTube channel

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Dana told Maxim all about men who can dance, crushing on JLo, and what’s next. 

1. If you weren’t dancing and you could do anything else (no training required), what would you be doing?
My dad would say that I would be a lawyer, but I would 100% be a forensic scientist or crime scene investigator. I studied Behavioral Neuroscience in college, and I am obsessed to this day with Forensic Files. I know it’s creepy, but I love it and watch it pretty much around the clock.

2. What is your favorite curse word to use?
The “F” word is my all time favorite, and I use it a lot. It’s so versatile. It works in every circumstance..

3. What do you wear to feel your sexiest?
I’m a dancer and I always feel sexiest in dance clothes — ripped jeans and a tee shirt. Something casual, edgy, something I can move in.

4. Do you have a favorite part of your body?
I think my booty is probably my favorite part of my body because I know it’s Matt’s favorite [laughs]. I also have always liked my abs. They always stay in shape no matter how much pizza I eat. I’m very grateful for that.

5. How can a man go about getting your attention?
Obviously, I love a man that can dance. I love humor and a big heart, but I am a loyal to the bone, one man type-a-chick- so it’s impossible for anyone except Matt to get my attention these days. I only have eyes for him.

6. Do you have any girl crushes right now?
Blake Lively for sure, is she even real? And JLo, she’s a goddess.

7. What would you do on an ideal date?
Grab some pizza and go see a horror movie  — two of my favorite things! Man, I’m a cheap date! 

8. What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
When I was 14, someone actually said this to me while I was standing next to my dad: “Is your name Visa? Because you’re everywhere I want to be.”

9. How do you want your guy to be styled?
I love simple style on guys — jeans and tee shirts, a little facial scruff.. manly men.

10. So what’s next for you?
This year, I am going to be creating a clothing line for dancers, partnering up with Matt for an online reality show for his channel called ‘DanceCon,’ traveling internationally to teach, enjoying life, and just continuing to pursue this crazy dream.

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