The Hot 10: Emily Kinney

This blonde beauty knows a thing or two about killing zombies – also, singing.

Emily Kinney can handle herself in just about any situation. When the 29-year old Nebraskan isn’t warding off flesh-eating “walkers” on The Walking Dead, she’s battling pushy Manhattanites in the Big Apple. Emily splits up filming time in Georgia with studio time in New York, where her singing career is taking off. While she’s a rare starlet that sees acting as a way to pay the bills, Kinney is a musician at heart. With a new album in the works and zombies left to kill, she’s certainly a woman to watch.

Emily filled Maxim in on Georgia’s music scene, her love for java, and some TV dream roles.

I can’t see myself doing anything outside of acting or singing. So many people have asked me the question of what I’d be doing and I know it’s supposed to be something fun, but every decision I’ve made has to do with this and I love it.

My favorite curse word is definitely fuck because I feel like it holds the most power. It has good and bad connotations, and it just works for everything.

My favorite spot to hang is at a music venue. In Georgia, there’s a place called Eddie’s Attic that I love. Also, there’s a really cool spot called Octane. It’s a coffee shop and at night it turns into this really relaxed place with beer and wine, it’s great.

My girl crush isLauren Cohan, for sure. She’s like my sister and one of my best friends.

A man can get my attention by sending me good music. With a good music video, then I know we’re into the same kind of stuff.

If I had a free afternoon, I would probably go for a long walk through the city, like to a museum or to Central Park. It feels like such an indulgence to walk around for hours and never be bored.

My favorite food is mint chip ice cream in a waffle cone on a really hot day. I also love coffee too, like a really good Americano. Sometimes before I go to sleep, I find myself thinking about the coffee I’m going to have in the morning.

To get my attention, a guy should wear chucks on a first date. Converse are good, and I’ll automatically know they’re cool.

I don’t like guys that are trying to be a pretty boy and not themselves. I feel like a full beard gets kind of messy, but I think they should do whatever there thing is. I dated a guy who had it all different all the time, but I also just liked him so I didn’t care.

As for what’s next, I’m working on a new album that will come out soon. I’d love to work on some of my favorite TV shows, like “Nashville” and “Homeland,” and I’d like to do more movies. I love horror films but I really enjoy things about everyday life and when we put a conversation on screen, it makes our lives feel special and more meaningful.

Photos by Nikki Rich