The Hot 10: Erica Tazel

TV’s sexiest U.S Marshal is ready for a promotion.

Erica Tazel is more than a girl with a gun. The petite Dallas actress has had a handful of bit-parts on popular shows like Sex and the City and Law and Order: SVU, but it wasn’t until she got down and dirty on FX’s Justified that people really started to pay attention. After spending five seasons opposite actor Timothy Olyphant, Erica is ready to find her next big role as the show comes to a close. She’ll be in this year’s Mr. Right opposite former Scandal star Columbus Short, and we’re confident she can go toe-to-toe with one of Olivia Pope’s ruthless “Gladiators.”

Erica gave Maxim some insight on starting new, looking good, and her Ida Mae’s best dessert. 

When asked ‘What do you want to be you grow up?’ I replied, ‘I don’t know, but I feel like I am going to have a nomadic life.’ If money weren’t a concern, I suspect I would be eating and photographing my way around the world.

My favorite curse word is‘Di Esibirsi!’ Because everything sounds better in Italian.

There’s nothing sexierthan being in your man’s white dress shirt.

If I had to pick any girl to crush onright now, it’d be Alice Smith.

An ideal date would involve the elements of water and or fire, an adult beverage, good food and an intimate setting.

If I had to decide what to do with a free afternoon, it’d depend on who’s in town…

The last person to see me nakedwas a fellow shopper. I didn’t lock the dressing room door.

I can’t get enough ofmy Aunt Ida Mae’s pound cake. Nothing in the world like it.

Manscaping, clean nails and teeth, and a great hair cut are important aspects of a man’s grooming for me.

As for what’s next, I’m ready for a year of “firsts.”