The Hot 10: Grace Weber

We’d tell you to keep your eye on this Wisconsin native, but you probably can’t help it.

Grace Weber‘s got soul. While she isn’t new to the music industry: She performed on Showtime at the Apollo and at Mia Hamm’s nuptuals (Nomar was there!) at the ripe old age of 16. When her debut album Hope & Heart dropped in 2011, the “Screw Billboard” crowd found an act to champion. Now, three years later, Weber celebrates the release of her sophomore album The Refinery, which about as soulful as it could be without becoming maudlin. Maxim caught up with the chanteuse to find out what’s next and why men should never wear a graphic tee on a first date.

My ultimate goal as a singer is to be a touring musician and to basically fill theaters, 1,000 seat venues. But I don’t want to be as big as Katy Perry or Beyonce. I really love the intimate live experience.

For me, an ideal date would be some cozy, hole-in-the-wall place, having a beer, and then going for a walk. I’m a beer girl, but I don’t like loud bars.

I feel most sexy wearing a high-waisted skirt or pants, with a crop top. I like showing off my stomach. I also really like wearing low-cut stuff and embracing my body. It’s super sexy and confident.

The type of guy I like is the strong, confident, quiet type. He can be sort of quiet but always says the witty thing at the right moment. That lets you know that there’s something underneath the guy, layers that he’s not revealing right now. It always makes me want to dig deeper and find out more.

The last person to see me naked was my boyfriend.

My favorite place to hang out is this place in Brooklyn called Nita Nita. It has this backyard that is super relaxing and it kinda makes you feel like you’re not in New York for a second. I love having a glass of wine back there and just chilling out.

On the first date a man should wear a button-up and jeans combo. If you’re going casual, always put yourself a little more together than think you should be. Obviously it depends on the date, but no matter what it is, do not wear a t-shirt with a printed logo. Dress up a bit and impress.

My favorite part of my body is my arms. I’ve been working really hard to tone up over the past few years and just started seeing muscles in my arms. I think toned arms are sexy.

If I have a free afternoon, I’ll probably work out. It makes me feel human again. Then I’d probably go shopping.

And for what’s next, definitely touring, but I’m always songwriting and I’ll probably get back into the studio again this Spring.