The Hot 10: Kiersten Rich

Best known as “The Blonde Abroad,” our favorite traveler has put on some serious mileage.

Kiersten Rich left a job in finance and the state of Cailfornia because she wanted to travel and that’s what she’s been doing ever since. Known to the internet as The Blonde Abroad, Rich travels the world and documents her adventures on her increasingly popular blog. She’s already visited 40 countries on five continents, but Rich isn’t read to come home. MAXIM talked to the Blonde Abroad (long distance) about where she’s heading next. 

My favorite food is as a California girl, In-N-Out. Animal Style for life.

As someone who majored in finance and worked in financial services for four years, I never imagined my own life outside of a cubicle.

My most prized possession ismy passport. I have one stamp space left, and then it’s full. It represents a huge chapter of my life. I see it as a reminder to never stop seeking adventure and self-growth.

A man can get my attention by being a tall, sharply-dressed Italian. The the surfer-type Aussie might also catch my eye, but it’s intellect, chivalry, and wit that get the date. Though, as many women can relate to, it is incredibly sexy to hear a man speak another language. 

My girl crush isLana Del Ray. I’ve always said she is my spirit animal.

My ideal date combines amazing food and adventure. It’s right up my alley. If a guy can teach me something new or show me a completely unique experience, he’s earned some major points.

My favorite spot is anywhere by the water. A lake, the ocean, a pool, doesn’t matter.

On a free afternoon I’m planning my next trip.

If I weren’t travel blogging, I’d bea graphic designer or pursue something in computer science. I’m a total techie at heart.

As for what’s next, I’m heading to Iceland in a couple of weeks! I’m absolutely thrilled; Iceland is a dream destination of mine. I’ve been in Europe for the past five months, so I’ll head home after Iceland for some much anticipated family and friend time. Then, I think a snowboarding trip in Alberta, Canada is in order!