Hot 10: Layla Covino

This brunette bombshell knows just how to take charge.

Layla Covino belongs in front of the camera. The London native has circulated throughout several popular networks as the gorgeous host for shows like G4’s Attack of the Show! and America’s Best Dance Crew.  When’s she not out promoting her many projects, America’s favorite TV personality is putting her free time to good use at multiple non-profit organizations.

Layla filled us in on her favorite album, how a man should dress, and how to get to food heaven.

I don’t curse often but when I do, I’ve been using “snatch face.” It’s silly, not too vulgar, and has some humor to it. I haven’t heard anyone else use it either.

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I love my legs and butt. I’m crazy into Crossfit and it really changed my life. I work hard at getting stronger and having the mental discipline to push myself past my limits so it’s nice to see the results.

I never get sick of Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic.” It’s on my bucket list to be able to rap “Nuthin but a G Thang” but I can never quite get the flow down. I also love Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album too. If I’m feeling something more romantic, I throw on some Jodeci, Donell Jones, or Stevie Wonder.            

I’ve found chivalry isn’t quite dead but it is slowly becoming extinct. I don’t care how strong, independent, and confident a woman is, she still wants to feel like she can melt in her mans arms and be romanced. Open the car door, send her a card, show your woman you appreciate her: thoughtfulness goes a long way, and so does creativity.

I’m in love with Gemma Arterton. I have pictures of her on my phone. Yes I’m well aware it’s super creepy, but dang, that girl is fiiiiiiiiine!

I’m not attracted to high profile or fancy places unless the occasion absolutely calls for it. I would much rather go on a hike or do something outdoorsy like ride bikes, then grab breakfast and spend the afternoon watching a movie and ordering in. I love to cook too.

I hate myself for loving meat so much because I’ve been a vegetarian on and off for years BUT steak is my kryptonite. Give me a bone-in ribeye with some creamed corn, and I’m in food heaven.

A guy should be groomed more like a bonsai tree, less like a shrub.

There’s something very sexy about a man in a suit or work out clothes, but the man wears the clothes, the clothes should never wear the man.

As for what’s next, I’m just trying to enjoy everything I have going on right now. I try to focus on giving the present moment my 100%, and know that the rest will work itself out.