Hot 10: Lexi Atkins

This former beauty pageant queen is winning a lot more than a crown.

Lexi Atkins is taking 2015 by storm. The Illinois native immersed herself in the entertainment industry early on with dance class and school musicals playing a big part in her childhood. After earning the title of Miss Illinois USA, Lexi transitioned into acting full time and when she landed the lead role in 2014’s “Zombeavers,” the blonde bombshell never looked back. She kicked off the year opposite J.Lo and Ryan Guzman in “The Boy Next Door,” and will next be spotted in the highly-anticipated “Ted 2.” Whatever she’s doing, it’s working.

Lexi told us all about her favorite album, how to get her attention, and why she loves being a homebody. 

My favorite curse word is probably “fuck” because it’s the most versatile of them all.

I’m not the biggest drinker, but I do love a good glass of wine here and there, or better than that, I like to get spiritually “tea drunk” off of Jun. It’s a way to experience the effects that you get from alcoholwhile getting in your healthy probiotics too. If you’ve never had Jun, it dates all the way back to 600BC. I highly recommend trying this ancient spiritual elixir!

I’m going to be different with this one and say I love my hands. I don’t think a lot of girls can say they can palm a mans basketball, can they? I like different, so I’ll say my alien hands. 

My favorite album right now is Banks’ “Goddess”, and I’ve been listening to “FourFiveSeconds” on repeat lately! Rihanna, Kanye West, and Paul McCartney…..can it get any better?

A guy has to dress well. That doesn’t mean they have to be in a suit, but there’s something super sexy about a man who has style. And after we get past wardrobe, tell me something I don’t know. Smart is even sexier and would be the cherry on top.

My ideal date would be geeking out at some healthy food place, and then staying in. I’m a homebody, so my ideal date…would come home with me.

I’m not sure what free time feels like, but I think I would spend it outdoors. I spend most of my days working or in my car, so if I had time off I would want to be doing something outside.

I’m a sugar addict who doesn’t eat sugar. So any dessert that is sugar-free I fall for. Stevia is basically my best friend. Thank God for weird people in LA who eat like me, or I would have a much harder time with my sugar free sweet tooth!

I think it depends on the man about their grooming habits. I like some clean shaven, and some more rough; that can’t be universal in my opinion.

Any jewelry I have is a prized possession to me. I have expensive taste when it comes to jewelry unfortunately. I treat my jewelry like they’re my kids — from the looks of it i think I’ll be a great mom. [Laughs]

I’m really excited about the new CW show I’m on called “The Messengers, which just premiered, and for “Ted 2” to come out in June. I’ve also been working on a lot of music lately, so I’m super excited to finally release some of my stuff in the near future!

And here’s a little taste of Lexi as she channels her inner rap goddess for a cover of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen.”

Photos by Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival