Hot 10: Malese Jow

The CW’s relevant scene stealer just wants to wear black and eat donuts.

The 24-year-old, Tulsa-native Malese Jow started singing in her high chair and spent the better part of her childhood looking for an audience. Now that she’s all grown up, Malese has powerhouse pipes and a memorable smile her character Linda Park uses to devastating effect on CW’s The Flash. One gets the sense that network television may be little more than a pit stop for “The Scarlet Speedster,” who talked to MAXIM about beards, truffle fries, and country music.

I consider ‘donuts’ to be a curse word. They are my weakness and anytime I say it or someone else says it, I know I’m automatically re-routing myself to a donut shop. It should never be said in front of me.

I don’t really do the whole hard liquor thing, but I love a glass of wine at the end of the night while watching my favorite show, that’s like my favorite thing.

I like a stylish guy who’s secure in his own sense of style. I really appreciate a guy that can dress well or a guy that’s a gentleman. Can’t go wrong with that.

You’ll probably find me at a new museum or trying a new restaurant or coffee shop. Either that or you’ll find me in my room messing around on the guitar and writing a song.

I feel most sexy wearing black. It’s just so chic and you feel powerful and womanly. If I’m wearing black I’m feeling good.

Truffle fries are everything right now. Anytime I sit down and look at a menu, the first thing I’m looking for is truffle fries. It’s a problem, it’s pretty bad.

I love Emma Watson. She’s intelligent, beautiful, talented, what more could you want?

My boyfriend has been rocking the beard and I didn’t think I’d like it. I always thought I was more of a clean-shaven type of girl but it really works for me. I dig the facial hair.

I could comfortably listen to country music for the rest of my life.

As for what’s next, I hope to keep doing what I love, and keep working. I’m just auditioning right now and working on music still so we’ll see what’s next to come.