Hot 10: Meagan Tandy

She may have a crown, but she can still kick your ass.

Meagan Tandy is ready for the big leagues. The California native, who got her first taste of acting at age 10, found her way back to the industry after a pageant victory earned her an acting/modeling scholarship. “I didn’t want to be a pageant girl,” she says. “I’m definitely more focused on acting now. Modeling is fun, but unless it’s runway, it’s just not my thing.”

Now, Meagan is ready for anything. As of late, the stunning starlet has been making an impression as the shotgun-toting, badass Braeden on MTV’s Teen Wolf. Even though it may be a role she claims is her favorite to play, she’s still looking for something that really requires her to pull out all the stops. “I can play the mean girl and the badass,” she says, “but I would love to do with something with Meryl Streep or Viola Davis…something that’s emotionally deep and will really challenge me.”

With some downtime, Meagan filled Maxim in on her man bun obsession, how to get her attention, and some ‘Sex on the Beach.’

If I wasn’t acting, I would definitely love to teach or to do something with business marketing. I feel like I’d be a really good teacher. I would go for middle school…those high schoolers would be difficult to deal with.

Right now, a favorite curse word of mine would be ‘fuck.’ I’ve definitely said it the few times in the last few weeks. It’s the word that you can really get meaning behind it. It’s a good word.

I like a ‘Sex on the Beach’ even though it’s an 18-year old’s drink. That sweet vodka drink, I love. Or a sauvignon blanc for wine, that’s always good too.

A trilogy I never get tired of is Back to the Future. I’m more of the action type though. I can watch Mission: Impossible all day every day, Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt is so hot. I can do sci-fi but it has to be fun and interesting. My girlfriends always want to see a chick flick but I’d prefer something a little crazier with some action.

If a guy is tall, that’s a plus, and he has to have a great personality. He needs to keep up with me because I can be an off-the-wall, aloof chatterbox sometimes! But if he’s got some height on him…God bless.

This is lame but if I’m ever getting a break, I have no problem sitting watching TV or going on a hike. Chill stuff at home is perfectly fine with me.

This whole man bun thing is the hottest thing EVER. That’s the thing with me, a guy needs scruff. A nice light beard is so freaking sexy. Too shaven looks too young, and too innocent. You need to look rough, it’s sexy that way.

I think Halle Berry is amazing. Of course, if I couldn’t be on the Hot 100, Halle Berry should be there [laughs]. Angelina Jolie is great too, I love her. Also, the model Candice Swanepoel. That girl is absolutely stunning.

No one is helping me financially so the fact I’m doing this independently is a big thing for me. I work hard, bust my ass, and live comfortably, so it definitely feels like my apartment is my most prized possession right now.

As for what’s next, I would like to get back into film. I’ve only done two but they were so much fun. I’m having a great time with TV but it’d be nice to hop on a horror/action movie. As far as TV goes, I just wrapped Survivor’s Remorse and I had a great time. I hope it opens some doors for me, so we’ll see!

Photos by Chris Paul Thompson