The Hot 10: Niia

The up-and-coming singer debuts her new single, “Telephone” exclusively with Maxim.

For Niia, music came naturally. The 26-year-old singer grew up with a classical pianist mother, opera singer aunts, and a band worth of jazz-playing cousins. After briefly attending New York City’s New School, the Boston native got her first big break crooning the melody on Wyclef Jean’s 2007 single “Sweetest Girl,” which also featured Lil’ Wayne and Akon. She took advantage of the networking opportunity and she’s been working steadily ever since. Now, the singer is gearing up for her first EP, Generation Blue, which will debut tomorrow. We caught up with the chanteuse to talk about her new single and keeping her socks on.

In regard to my ideal date, I’m pretty simple. I’m Italian so it has to be at a good restaurant. And there has to be good wine and at a place where it’s not too loud. That’s pretty much it: good food and good wine.

If I wasn’t a singer, I would bea mortician. I know it’s a little morbid, but the anatomy and biology have aways been very interesting to me.

My favorite food is pasta. I mean, I grew up as the kid with the Tupperware of lasagna, like carbonara, alfredo, provolone, eggplant – that’s my favorite. I know that’s not healthy, but it’s all very nostalgic and it’s delicious.

My favorite curse word is “fuck.” You can use it so many different ways.

I feel most sexy wearing socks and underwear.

My favorite part of my body is my neck. I’m really aware of it because I’m a singer. It’s also long. I was called an ostrich when I was little, but I love it now. It’s a very elegant thing.

A man can get my attention by doing his own thing. Play it cool.

My girl crush is Monica Bellucci. She comes off so confident, yet vulnerable at the same time. She’s not afraid to be really honest, and she’s just so cool. She doesn’t sound as if she worries too much or loses herself.  And she’s hot. She is a plate of walking sex.

A man can get my intimate attentions by being witty. And they have to be charming, that always helps.

My favorite spot to hang out is my bedroom. I’m a big nighttime person and for some reason, I associate my room with the night. Sometime I’ll just take my laptop and work from my bedroom in the dark. It’s a bit creepy.

Photos by Timothy Saccenti