Hot 10: Olga Kurylenko

This former Bond Girl is attracted to all things physical. 

Olga Kurylenko has come a long way. The former Maxim cover girl‘s commanding demeanor grabbed the attention of a modeling scout in her teens, paving the way for her to grace the pages of several well-known magazines by age 18. While clearly in high demand overseas, it wasn’t until 2007 that the Ukranian-born starlet made her first American appearance alongside Timothy Olymphant in Hitman. It was then that Olga’s attraction to action began to blossom.

“I love doing these films because I usually have so much fun training and learning battle choreography,” she told Maxim. “It’s the physical side that’s definitely very attractive and the fact that outside of the set, I get to spend time with the stunt team training, jumping around, and learning all these new tricks.”

This international sweetheart is someone with a serious knack for dabbling in all things dangerous. Following her appearances in Hitman and Max Payne, she was placed opposite Daniel Craig as a James Bond assassin-turned-ally Camille in Quantum of Solace. Though extremely thankful for the roles she’s been able to play, it’s her latest take in action-thriller Momentum that’s placed her as the leading lady in the driver’s seat.

“The fact that it was a lead female role is definitely an important thing,” she said. “I also liked that the character, Alex, is such a smart, powerful, skillful, and fearless woman. Even though someone’s been sent to kill her, they still admire her in a certain way. It’s just a big cat and mouse game.”

Olga spoke with Maxim about the way men talk, enjoying some food with flavor, and what’s next.

1. If you weren’t acting and you could do anything else in the world, what do you think you’d be doing?

I would like to be a writer.

2. Do you have a favorite curse word?

 I actually don’t curse much. The ‘F word’ would probably be the only one that could slip if I’m very angry.

3. What’s your go-to drink of choice?

I love champagne!

4. Is there a movie you find yourself watching over and over again?

1996’s Breaking the Waves, I love it.

5. If a guy wanted to get your attention, what should he do?

Be subtle.

6. If you ever have a free afternoon, what do you find yourself doing?

I’m usually making a list of the things I need to catch up with!

7. Do you have a favorite food?

Any Japanese and Thai food – it’s full of flavor without being too heavy.

8. How would you want your guy to be groomed?

As long as he doesn’t look like he’s spent a month living in a cave, I’m fine with anything.

9. Do you have a particular style you like on a guy?

It doesn’t matter too much, it’s more about the way he talks. If he’s clean and dressed stylishly or in a nice and smart way, that can be another plus.

10. So what’s next for you?

Coming up, I have Giuseppe Tornatore’s Correspondence with Jeremy Irons.

Photos by Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images