Hot 10: Renee Olstead

It’s all about talent, tattoos, and a good imagination for this sexy starlet. 

Renee Olstead is ready to branch out from her comfort zone. The Texas native got her start early on in the biz, referring to herself to as a ‘black sheep’ in regard to her involvement in the entertainment industry. “I started really, really young,” she told Maxim. “Initially, it was regional commercials and print ads, but I soon outgrew my hometown market and found myself out in Los Angeles by age 12.”

After amassing over one hundred episodes between CBS’s Still Standing and ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager (along with some other bit roles), Olstead found herself fighting an unseen force in last year’s surprise supernatural hit, Unfriended. “It was shot a bit more like a play than the typical movie,” she said of the film. Instead of shooting scene by scene, we did 80 minute takes, shooting the bulk of the film in one shot. The whole movie was filmed on go-pros, which were attached to the top of our computers.  It was definitely different and a lot of fun.”

Even as the sultry star-on-the-rise nabs new roles in television and film, it’s her newest conquest in theater that has her all riled up — more specifically, touring North America in the stage production of Sherlock Holmes. “Theater is a new frontier for me, and it’s a lot more physically demanding,” she said. “When you’re on a movie set, I feel like you spend half the day waiting on camera turn arounds or hair and makeup touch ups. With theater its go, go, go, which I find really exciting!”

No matter the project, we can guarantee we’ll be keeping our eye on this talented triple threat. 

Renee told Maxim all about her ideal date, why she likes a scruffy man, and what’s next. 

1. If not acting, what do you think you’d be doing?

I’d love to be a psychiatrist. I’m 30 credits from finishing my undergrad…and it’s silly, I know, but it’s so hard to be in one place for a whole semester. Either that or an agent, I love the idea of being an advocate for artists and helping them navigate what can often be a very confusing industry. 

2. Do you have a favorite curse word to use?

It depends. If I’m in traffic, probably ‘asshole.’

3. What do you feel most sexy wearing?   

Very expensive lingerie.

4. If a man wanted to get your attention, what should he do?

Talent, tattoos, and a good imagination are three of my favorite qualities. 

5. Do you have any girl crushes right now?

Miss Mosh, Gia Genevieve, and Micheline Pitt. All very unique and distinctive beauties!

6. Describe your ideal date.

Easy, just some takeout and South Park.

7. Do you have a go-to favorite food?

Breakfast in bed because, well, it’s breakfast in bed. 

8. How do you want your man to be groomed?

I like scruffy! Too much grooming is a turnoff for me. 

9. Is there a certain look you like on your guy?

Not really. Clothes don’t make the man.

10. So what’s next for you?

Touring North America as Lady Irene in Sherlock Holmes opposite David Arquette. Get your tickets at here

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Photos by Lars Kommienezuspadt