Hot 10: Rochelle Aytes

Your summer TV season just got a lot hotter.

Rochelle Aytes knows how to impress. As a New York native, the stunning actress discovered the performing arts to be her calling almost immediately. After gaining experience in ballet, Rochelle continued on to pursue acting and added more and more to an already impressive showing. “It’s been my dream to be a triple threat,” she says. “I got two out of three, but I would love to perform on stage, in videos, and musicals.”

Now, you can catch Rochelle on ABC’s scandalous soap “Mistresses“, going into its third season. The stunning starlet portrays April, one of the four main ladies involved in plenty of sex, drama, and secrecy. It may be getting warm out, but it sounds like our summer season is about to get a lot hotter.

Rochelle told Maxim all about her favorite jam, the importance of style, and channeling her inner J-Lo.

My favorite curse word has to be ‘fuck.’ It just feels so therapeutic!

If I had to pick a favorite body part, I’d go with my eyes. They are a unique shade of brown. It’s quite odd, though. No one else in my family has this shade.

I have so many favorite albums, but currently I’m in love with Sam Smith. I can listen to “Latch” over and over again. Although, The O’jays’ “Forever Mine” is a classic.

A man can get my attention with confidence and a sexy physique. 

My ideal date would be simple. A nice dinner, great conversation and undeniable chemistry.

My favorite food is pasta AND soul food. I love yams and fried chicken because it is comfort food.

A man should be groomed, but not too manicured and perfect. He’s gotta have a little edge, a roughness to him. That’s sexy to me. I like a man with facial hair, but not a Santa Claus beard, and someone who takes care of his body and is in shape, but not a body builder!

Have some style! The new skinny pants style is a turn off. I’m actually more of a casual jeans and a Tee-shirt girl.

I think Jennifer Lopez should ALWAYS be on Maxim‘s Hot 100. I love her style. Her hair, makeup and clothes are always flawless! Anytime I do a photo shoot, I channel my inner J-LO.

As for what’s next, I am currently working on Season 3 Of ABC’s “Mistresses” and after that, I plan on spending quality time with my mom, friends, and my man.

Photos by Michael Tran/FilmMagic