Hot 10: Samantha Steffen

The fashion designer and former ‘Bachelor’ contestant talks feeling sexy, running her own business, and men in sweats.

Even though Samantha Steffen didn’t make it to the final rounds of The Bachelor, the stunning 28-year old regrets nothing during her time on the ABC reality show. In fact, landing on the show’s 19th season was a complete coincidence. 

“Having ended a serious relationship 6 months prior, a family friend asked if I would ever go on The Bachelor, and I looked it up to see which guy had been chosen that season,” she told Maxim. “I saw that the guy was from the Midwest — which is the same as myself — and he seemed to be down to earth. The last audition for that season was taking place the next day and was only 45 minutes from my place. So, I drove down to meet the producers, and the rest is history.”

Though Samantha hopes to continue spending time in front of the camera, her true passion lies in the fashion industry. The bombshell brunette has taken charge as the CEO and founder of her own company, IDGAF Clothing, which features apparel and accessories for both men and women with 15% of profits going towards established charitable alliances. 

“I love fashion because it has always come naturally to me,” she told Maxim. “Having lived in Los Angeles for a few years also helped because it’s one of the places American fashion starts. I love comfort, business, creating positive messages, and giving back. My clothing line allows me to put all that together and contribute in a good way.”

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The former Bachelor contestant talks favorite drinks, crushing on Sofia Vergara, and what’s next, all for Maxim. 

1. What’s your favorite curse word to use?
Definitely the ‘F’ word. It can be added as an adjective to any person place or thing and has limitless connotations.

2. What do you feel most sexy wearing?
A crop top and sweatpants. I like the combination of comfy and sexy at the same time. Heels are also my thiiiiing. However, I actually feel better going natural rather than completely dolled up.

3. Do you have a go-to drink of choice?
Hmm, Blue Moon, red wine, or vodka soda with a lime. It varies!

4. What is your favorite part of your body?
My blue eyes (my father’s German) and my hair (my mother’s Indian!). I like my abs too. I’ve never gained weight there and I’m not mad about it.

5. Is there a movie that you can watch over and over again?
The first movie that comes to mind is The Notebook. I know, every girl says that, but if you don’t like that movie, there’s something wrong! I love feel-good movies.

6. What should a guy do to get your attention?
I like a guy with a sense of humor who’s a family man. He has to have a kind heart and know how to take charge! As far as dating, I’m old school. Manners count and he needs to know how to be respectfully persistent.

7. Do you have any girl crushes right now?
So many! But I’d have to say Sofia Vergara is my biggest girl crush. She is hilarious, exudes confidence, and is stunning. She’s the entire package.

8. Describe what your ideal date would be.
Something fun! Laughing the whole time, feeling butterflies, feeling totally comfortable with one another, and we need to share the same values. Someone with old school manners who takes you out on real ‘dates’ is a must.

9. How do you feel about a man’s sense of style?
Depends where we are and what we are doing, but I love a guy who can rock sweats. Also, I love shoes, so if a guy has good shoe game, that’s a plus.

10. So what’s next for you?
I’m considering a couple of different television shows. Stay tuned! 

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