Hot 10: Sara Rue

This vivacious TV vet is back and better than ever.

Sara Rue has plenty of experience. The proud New York native dived headfirst into acting at age 9; while fluent in both the realm of television and film, Rue dominated during the ‘90s, with big roles in popular series such as Minor Adjustments, Popular, and Less Than Perfect. Now, she’s back and ready to take over your TV screens once again, taking on a new lead role this summer season. Following in a similar fashion to former TV Land comedy, Hot in Cleveland, new series Impastor features a man on the run who disguises himself as a gay pastor in a small town to evade authorities. We’re ready to have some Rue back in our weekly routines.

Sara gave Maxim the rundown on what to (and what not to) have groomed, when she feels her sexiest, and her favorite curse word.

My favorite curse to use is “go fuck yourself.” I actually don’t get why that’s offensive, it’s like, “Hey, take a break and treat yourself to some sex with yourself…” It’s actually kinda sweet when you think about it. So, you’re welcome and go fuck yourself!

I feel sexiest in a ponytail and nothing else.

As for my go-to drink, I’m currently drinking straight triple sec through a straw. Calm down, I put ice in it.

My favorite body partsare my tits. Duh.  

If a man pretends to choke on something, I know the Heimlich so I’ll come a runnin’.        

With some free time, the Wheel of Fortune machine at any casino is always an afternoon to delight in.

Men, not too much grooming please! I like a little hair! (Except in his ears or on the head of his penis.)

I think if a guy wanted to get my attention, chaps would do it.

I would like to see a ladies over 60 edition for the Maxim Hot 100. I think that would be rad (this is the only genuine answer I have given).

As for what’s next, well, I just bought a Groupon for laser hair removal so six sessions of pain and humiliation is what I’ve got coming up.