The Hot 10: Sasha DiGiulian

This beautiful blonde jock is turning heads on her way to the top.

Sasha DiGiulian may be petite, but she’s definitely not fragile. When she’s not acting as a spokeswoman for sports charities like GoGirlGo! or studying creative writing at Columbia University, this pint-sized bombshell is tackling some of the toughest rock-climbing routes in the world. Her latest feat? Climbing a 1,082-foot cliff face in Sardinia called “Madmen’s Journey” with a 5.14d route grade and 80-foot drops. (For those of you who don’t speak climber, 5.14d is a really goddamn hard.) And Sasha’s certainly not slowing down; the 22-year-old Virginia native is setting her sights higher than ever with plans to take on “Thanatopsis,” a legendary route in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. MAXIM caught up with her before she headed back out to the rocks.

On a first date, a guy should wear something classy and casual. And general cleanliness is important. Put together, you know?

My biggest fear is failure which is probably the most paralyzing fear you can have. You can’t think about falling at all. You just have to move with confidence and focus on the next step.

Before I climb, I always paint my nails hot pink.

With a free afternoon, I like to go out shopping and into restaurants and have fun with friends. But I’m also a total homebody. As much as I travel, I cherish the days when I don’t have anything to do.

A guy catches my attention when he follows his passion and is motivated by what he’s doing. I’m mainly interested in people that are really confident but not egotistical. I think so much evil in this world comes from ego and lack of confidence.

I love to wear anything high fashion. I like to bring out my girlie side. That side of me doesn’t go away while climbing but sometimes you get pressured within a sport to suppress that feminine side.

My ideal date would be something unique and fun, something that shows some thought went into it. I like exploring new places and not developing too much of a routine.

My favorite features are probably my hands. They’re really unique. I will never be a hand model but with the finger strength that I have, my hands have opened up a whole new world for me. I wouldn’t trade them for anything. 

If I’m caught eat anything, it’s cookies.

As a climber, I try to transcend the sport to as many people as possible and share what I’ve learned through climbing. It’s quite a niche sport as it is but it has the potential to really grow.

Photos by Redbull