The Hot 10: Sasha Grey

The retired porn princess goes mainstream.

Sasha Grey hasn’t had sex on camera for five years, but she’s still a famous porn star. She’s well known because of what she was willing to do and what she’s done since. She’s got a new movie coming out October 2—Open Windows with Elijah Wood—and that’s just her latest work. She’s worked with Steven Soderbergh (The Girlfriend Experience), Rob Lowe (I Melt With You), and the boys from Entourage. She also DJs and writes—she’s the author of The Juliette Society. Maxim asked the starlet about her busy life now and what comes next.

As an actress, my ultimate goal is to continue finding diverse roles that challenge me, that don’t fit a stereotype. I know this sounds funny, and there are a lot of filmmakers that I would love to work with, but something in particular that I would love to do is an action film. I would actually love to do comedy as well. I think people see me as so serious and so straight, and it would be fun to do something different. I kind of got a taste for that by doing Entourage—I want to go back to it.

If I weren’t acting, I would probably own my own Greek restaurant. 

My favorite spot to hang out is my house. I really like to entertain; I like to cook for my friends. But it really depends on whether or not I’m in L.A. It’s a tough city. There’s no center or local meeting place. Plus, it’s not pedestrian-friendly at all.  

My favorite curse word is fuck. I don’t know why, but it’s short and rolls right off the tongue. It definitely gets the point across.

The last person to see me naked was my dog, while getting dressed this morning. That’s really gross, and people probably won’t find that as funny as I do.

My favorite parts of my body aremy eyes and my butt. I always thought my eyes have held a lot of power. We all have the same eyes on my father’s side. And I just like my ass. [Growing up, I was always like, ‘Oh, I don’t have boobs.’ I’m self-conscious about that. Then I was like, ‘Oh, OK, I have this.’]

A man can get my intimate attentions with eye contact. It’s true: Eyes are the windows to the soul. Eye contact is like a silent struggle of sexual tension, and it can be a lot of fun.

My girl crush isCarla Gugino. When I was a kid, I really loved her.

My most prized possession is my dog. He’s a Doberman pinscher and he’s adorable.

As for what’s next, I’ve been pretty wrapped up with press for Open Windows. Hopefully, after that, I will have some time to be in L.A. for a bit and start auditioning for pilot seasons. We will see. I also want to keep on writing, continue deejaying, and keep up with my photography as well, when I can. I just want to keep doing it all.