Hot 10: Shelley Hennig

This former Miss Teen USA can laugh, scream, and kick a little ass.

Shelley Hennig may be fully embracing the horror genre, but she didn’t grow up loving scary movies. The gorgeous Louisiana native found herself in the pageant world during her childhood, and went on to earn the tile of Miss Teen USA 2004. It was after a few years in New York that she shifted gears and headed to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. “There are only pros to working in TV and film,” she says. “You create a family with TV that you’re around all the time, and you can explore more genres and characters with film.”

Fast forward to 2015, where if haven’t spotted her as the badass werecoyote Malia on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” you can catch her in the latest found footage supernatural thriller, “Unfriended.” “Nothing’s been done like this movie,” she says. “It’s definitely the most satisfying experience of my career.” 

The brunette bombshell told us all about her dream roles, a little bit of confidence, and her “Bob’s Burgers” obsession.

When someone hands you a full scholarship you take it! Or at least I did after somehow winning Miss Teen USA. It was a scholarship to New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. I sucked. But I was determined to make this free schooling and free living situation in NYC worth it. Luckily I fell for acting intensely and have never looked back since.

If I wasn’t acting, I’d definitely be a backup dancer for major stars. Or a go-go dancer in a club. I’m not picky, I just love to dance.

A go-to curse word has to be “fuck.” It just rolls off the tongue.

I love me some beer. Any kinds and all kinds. I’m not into fancy beers, I grew up in Louisiana so Bud Light is always a good one. As far as liquor goes, I’d say bourbon.

I’m not very observant so sometimes I just need to be knocked into. Accidental encounters are really my thing. Style is a big thing for me. Be laid back, but have their own unique way about it.

With any free time I have, you’d catch me watching episode after episode of “Bob’s Burgers” while drinking Bud Light on my deck uninterrupted. I’m a simpleton. 

For a favorite food of mine, I’d pick sandwiches. Fries overall are probably my go-to though.

I like confidence. Whatever a guy feels comfortable with, I approve of. If I spot someone and I can tell they’ve spent a lot of time on their look, that is not what I’m attracted to. I’m attracted to someone who’s style is naturally a part of them.

Tina from “Bob’s Burgers” should be on the Maxim Hot 100. Have we seen a cartoon on the list? She’s highly sexual… [Laughs]

As for what’s next, I’d love to do more comedy. “Unfriended” is so unique and I don’t think they’re be another experience like it, so I’m all about anything innovative. More action would be really fun.