Hot 10: Stephanie Bauer

Mic in hand, this ‘Access Hollywood’ reporter is ready to conquer the world.

When in doubt, just follow in Oprah’s footsteps. That’s what breakout journalist Stephanie Bauer did in order to make it big in entertainment news — and she quickly found herself immersed in what she loved.

“After a few years of covering politics and murders, I interviewed a lesser-known Kim Kardashian and quickly realized that I’d rather cover celebrities,” she told Maxim. “So yes, a Kardashian and Oprah got me where I am today.”

Stephanie’s radiant personality and prominence on camera has continued to grow, with some of her reports airing on ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Lifetime,’ ‘American Idol,’ and Oprah’s ‘OWN’ network. Her latest gig has her dishing on everyone’s favorite celebrities as a multimedia journalist for ‘Access Hollywood.’ Her ability to connect with just about everyone she meets has turned her into a well-known name in Hollywood, with her social following and fans continuing to grow.

Maxim turned the reporting tables on Stephanie and dug up some dirt on her killer legs, having a guy not try too hard, and what’s next. 

1. If you weren’t in the entertainment industry and you could do anything else (no training required), what would you be doing?

Crime scene investigator. Solving murders. It’s fascinating to me. The murders themselves, (I know, I’m morbid) and how these guys solve them! They make it look so easy.

2. What do you feel most sexy wearing?

Covered up in something tight on top and then SUPER SUPER short on the bottom, with six-inch heels. All legs, baby. All legs.  

3. Do you have a go-to drink of choice?

Go-to drink is wine ever since I moved to LA and got serious about ‘making it’ with my TV career! Ha! Back in Florida, I was a huge shot drinker. It became my claim-to-fame among my hometown friends. There was literally no stopping me; I could go on all night – one after the other always straight, hard liquor. But now I’m much more demure. You won’t even catch me in a photo out in LA with my wine glass in my hand. 

4. What would you say is your favorite part of your body?

I’ve got this indented line down the middle of my rib cage that has just sort of always existed. No matter how little I work out, it looks as if I have a killer six-pack- and I’m not mad about that! Stalk my pics and you’ll see me show it off on the red carpet from time to time. I also love my lack of cleavage-line. My favorite look to wear is ABSURDLY low cut because I can show practically my whole chest without looking trashy. The benefits of NOT having big boobs.

5. What girls are you crushing on at the moment?

I would say Amber Heard, but we were once roommates when we were teenage models in Miami- so that would be weird. So I’ll go with Mila Kunis. That voice. That role in Black Swan. Enough said. 

6. If you ever have a free afternoon, what do you find yourself doing?

Sleep! I can’t get out of my tight dresses and high heels fast enough! I walk in the door, strip down, and get right under the covers in bed! Snuggling all afternoon in a dark bedroom are the absolute best. For the past four years that I’ve lived in LA, I’ve gotten up at 3AM every single day for work. I NEED my afternoon naps!

7. How do you want a guy to be groomed?

Not too much. I don’t like men squeaky clean. In fact, you can go a day or two without showering and be even hotter! Rough hands are a turn on because it means you’re a hard worker. A little five o’clock shadow is perfect. I definitely like guys to take care of themselves, but I don’t like when they try too hard – down to shaving little designs into their facial hair or sideburns, or making sure corners of their shirts are strategically tucked in at certain spots to give the illusion of looking effortless. You’re not fooling us girls. Just be chill. 

8. What’s the best outfit for a man to wear?

Dressed up in a nice suit, because you know they mean business. If it’s tailored and fits perfectly – trust me – girls notice. I’m not saying this is everyday attire, but it WOULD get my attention…..

9. What’s your most prized possession?

A silver ring from Paris that has ‘pax’ inscribed in it- which means ‘peace.’ It was a gift from my twin sister. That’s right – I have a twin. I was waiting for an opportunity to sneak that in. She’s hot, long blonde hair, and much sweeter than me.

10. What’s next for you?

Access Hollywood is keeping me busy day-to-day, but I will be expanding my career over the next year or two. I will be working on special assignments for something even bigger and I can’t wait to share with my viewers. Also, awards season is right around the corner – the absolute craziest and most glamorous time of year for a TV host in Hollywood! 

Photos by Jared Thomas Kocka