Check Out This Incredible Instagram Account Dedicated To Hot Israeli Army Girls

Gun-wielding babes and lots of tiny bikinis.
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(Picture: Instagram)

(Picture: Instagram)

When you think of soldiers, you probably picture a burly person with a buzzcut serving in the army. Or the little plastic green guys you got in a baggie as a kid. Either way, it’s likely not an image that makes your junk tingle with lust, right?


Let us introduce you to an Instagram account titled “Hot Israeli Army Girls,” which definitely has a seriously high tingle factor.

The entire account is literally a compilation of sexy Israeli babes, all in their late teens and early 20's, serving in the Israeli Army, with pictures of the soldiers (!!!) wielding some seriously heavy weaponry in uniform, and in teeny bikinis. 

Military service is mandatory for all Jewish Israeli citizens who are mentally and physically able, and national service starts at the tender age of 18, which definitely explains why there are so many hotties serving in the Israeli armed forces.

And don’t let the sexy bikini pics fool you – these ladies are deployed to active front lines at an age when we’re all getting tanked at college parties, so I guess you could say they're pretty damn tough. 

But before we part, you might want to check out this video of the "Hot Israeli Army Girls" twerking and stripping their shirts off. Good stuff.