This Hot Russian Model Keeps Having an Awesome Wardrobe Malfunction

We see why Maxim Russia is a fan.

On her Instagram account Larisa Krylova notes she was a "finalist of Miss MAXIM [Russia] 2013" and after watching this video we can see why our Russian sister publication was into her. She recently posted this recording of her "вечная проблема"—eternal problem—and of course many of her followers indicated they'd be glad to help. 

Larisa graduated from the Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law but later became a model because—as another online profile says—"she grew disinterested in her profession." 

Maybe that's a shame for Russian courts and businesses, but after checking out her Instagram, we're totally fine with it. 

Check out more from this Moscow-born hottie below, and let's hope she doesn't necessarily get that button-popping problem fixed anytime soon. 

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