Watch This Topless Model Walk Around London Wearing Nothing But Green Body Paint

This is hysterical.
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For the video above the UK Daily Mail temporarily re-branded itself as the paper of record for social research involving hot topless blondes in body paint. We're not complaining. 

They put together shapely English rose Kelly Klein and body paint artist Sarah Ashleigh. The artist spent a couple of hours carefully painting what appeared to be a clinging green top on Klein's torso and then the Mail's cameras and Klein took a stroll. Some very observant Londoners clearly spotted the ruse and even better, had a good story to tell later—or they had explaining to do once their wives saw the video, whichever.  

The experiment made for a fun and amusing video, though seeing everyone else clad in winter gear made us feel bad for Klein. She was pretty game, though, and we were glad to learn she has an Instagram as well. In case the video left you, like us, wanting to get to know her better, here you go.

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