Here Are a Bunch of Hot Women You Like As Dogs Because It Seemed Like Something We Should Do

I dunno.

The internet is currently transfixed with, a site that purports to tell you what breed your dog is based on facial recognition technology. Of course, we all just uploaded photos of ourselves to test it out; I got a Bernese Mountain dog which has “great strength, can pull small carts, playful and loving with family.” (I call bullshit because I have never and I WILL NEVER pull a small cart.)

Anyways, I uploaded some photos of hot women that you like so you could see what dog breeds they match up with. I don’t know. It’s Friday. Go away. 

Olivia Munn — Yorkshire Terrier

Megan Fox — English Cocker Spaniel 

Rihanna — Cocker Spaniel

Sofia Vergara — Miniature Pinscher

Charlotte McKinney — Afghan Hound

Kate Upton — Shetland Sheepdog