21 of the Hottest Celebrity Boomerangs You’ll Want To Watch Over and Over and Over Again

We're loopy for these one-second loop videos.
(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram)

Ever since Instagram released its boomerang feature, some of our favorite celebrities have been using it as an excuse to post some of the hottest one-second loop videos the world has ever seen—and I don’t think anyone’s mad about it.

I mean, have you seen the booty-shaking boomerangs Emily Ratajkowski has been posting? Goddamn masterpieces. Or perhaps the ones courtesy of a bikini-clad Bella Hadid? Absolute perfection. 

And honestly, we’re all lucky that boomerangs loop over and over ad infinitum, because these are videos you can’t just look at for a split-second. These are videos you end up watching for 10 minutes because you simply cannot look away.

And thus, I’ve rounded up 21 of the hottest boomerangs celebrities have put up for our enjoyment, so that you can watch them all many, many times to add some extra sunshine and happiness to your day.

Enjoy, my friends.

1. Emily Ratajkowski looking like some kind of divine princess.

2. Chrissy Teigen looking fiiine in a pair of purple latex gloves.

3. Bella Hadid serving up some serious side-boob.

4. Ashley Graham cooling off in the sexiest way possible.

5. EmRata and her #squad having fun in the sun.

6. Ashley Graham reminding us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

7. Kim K enjoying a refreshing shot of Casamigos tequila in the Bahamas. 

8. Ashley Graham lookin' fine like a ticket on the dash. 

9. Oh look, another boomerang of EmRata looking like a goddess.

10. And another one of dat ass, just because.

11. Bella Hadid gettin' some sun.

12. I wonder if EmRata knows she has a hole in her jeans...? Either way, I don't think anyone minds. 

13. If only everyone looked as good as Ashley Graham with nothing but a jacket gently draped over her back.

14. Yet another one of EmRata, looking sensational just lounging around. 

15. Chrissy Teigen wearing nothing but nipple tassels and red fur? Yes please!

16. Ms. Ratajkowski just feeling herself.

17. Vamp Goddess or Taylor Hill?

18. Suki Waterhouse being her usual cute self in a bootylicious swimsuit.

19. Kendall Jenner being cheeky for Love Magazine.

20. Taylor Hill channeling her inner Parisian.

21. And finally, EmRata making jaws drop. 

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