This Hottie Was Roasted on Twitter After Her Bedroom Selfie Revealed Too Much

The dress does look great, though.

When you take a selfie, you’re not just capturing your own best moment, you’re sometimes giving others a glimpse into your world. A Twitter user who goes by Alyssa found that out the hard way recently when she posted an image in which she admittedly looked great, but her bedroom floor looked like a post-apocalyptic disaster. 

No one’s perfect, obviously. The truth is, Alyssa’s only real crime was focusing on the dress when she posted the pic and not on doing something about the surrounding clutter. But social media is a hellscape of knee-jerk judgments rendered by asshole strangers, so naturally she was in for a pretty fierce roasting, complete with terribly-done photoshops.

And so on. 

It’s unfair to single one social media user out this way, no matter how good the comedy, but to Alyssa’s credit, she seemed to roll with the punches and even turn them to her advantage.

For whatever it’s worth, we thought the dress looked great, and it’s not our place to judge anyone else’s housekeeping habits. 

Still, if Alyssa doesn’t have time to pick up and doesn’t want to deal with getting hassled about junk-filled selfies in the future, we recommend doing a lot of careful photo cropping from here on out. 

h/t LadBible