How To: Heat Up Her Halloween Outfit

Every good girl’s costume is a trashy version of something. Here’s how to make your gal’s even trashier.



Get her to wear it: Tell her it’s her night to be in charge. She’ll get off on the power trip of a billy club, leather boots…and tiny black hot pants.

Sex it up: Give her a pair of handcuffs, but leave the key at your place. When she’s not looking, cuff her to the foxiest jailbird at the party. You’ll have no choice but to take both of them home.


Get her to wear it: Let it slip that she’s so fine she could wear damn near anything for a costume and look sexy. Then dare her to prove it.

Sex it up: Most mummies are covered head to toe in white bandages. Your tomb-dwelling tramp, however, should be more than half-unwrapped in see-through gauze. Let the looting begin!


Get her to wear it: Like every bearer of ovaries, she’s a huge Johnny Depp fan. Why not honor his work in Pirates of the Caribbean by dressing like a swashbuckling slut?

Sex it up: If she’s skittish about exposing her bra, get her a corset. She’ll love how it narrows her waist and boosts her chest. And you’ll love it…for the exact same reason.


Get her to wear it: It’s easy because she’s already got the outfit in her closet. (Assuming you’re still dating that 10th grader.)

Sex it up: A dress shirt knotted above her navel will do for a top. Offer to tie her pigtails, and buy her some lollipops or candy necklaces so that you—and hot drunk chicks—have an excuse to nibble around her neck.


Get her to wear it: Say you think it’d be really fun to have your costumes complement each other this year. Then reveal your plans to go as Father O’Stinkfinger.

Sex it up: Have her dress just like a regular nun—except instead of a habit, she’ll slip into stiletto heels, fishnet stockings, and a black bustier. Lord have mercy!