Iggy Azalea Has Revealed the Ultimate Way To Lose Weight–By Twerking Your Butt Off

Now here’s a workout that we can really get behind.

Iggy Azalea has an ingenious workout plan that looks way more fun than hitting the elliptical machine at the gym.

The bodaciously-bottomed rapper told an Australian radio show that she shed a whopping 15 pounds simply by twerking in her new video.

It may sound far-fetched, but anyone who has seen the high-energy twerkstorm performed by Iggy in her oddly riveting “Mo Bounce” clip knows this is entirely within the realm of possibility. 

“I did a lot of rehearsals actually, and man I lost 15 pounds in a week dancing to that song!” Iggy told Nova 9.69’s Fitzy & Wippa.

But a healthy diet is also integral to the success of Iggy’s twerk-out routine.


“I went on a meal plan before the video because I knew I would have to be dancing fairly skimpily dressed,” Iggy added.

You see, twerking is more than just shaking your ass. It takes a great deal of glute strength and flexibility, as Iggy learned her training leading up to the clip.


Here’s Iggy feeling the burn:


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“I did take classes. I do have someone who is very, very good at twerking and she helped me,” Iggy said. “I never realized how flexible you have to be to do that stuff.”

“My teacher was like ‘I really suggest you take yoga’ and I didn’t know you had to take yoga to be a twerker but apparently you do.”


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Good to know!